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Wacky Intercession

By Alice Smith

As I walked down the corridor toward the large prayer room, several women rushed past me in a panic. They had been praying with more than 50 intercessors from various denominations for pastors in the United States. Curious as to what was happening, I quickly entered the room to an unbelievable sight. Lying on the floor in the middle of the room in a fetal position was a petite woman intercessor, groaning as though she were being tortured. Crouched over her, on his hands and knees, was a male intercessor stroking her hair and speaking words of encouragement. Standing around “the entertainment” were dozens of intercessors watching. No one was praying now. Their faces revealed many emotions…

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What is IHOP Internship 2014 about?

Dates: 10 – 14 December 2014 (Wed – Sun)
Venue: 165 Sims Ave, Harvest Care Centre, Level 6
Cost: $30 (teachings only); $40 (teachings + Harp & Bowl clinic)

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What is Halloween?

To many people brought up on the modern horror diet of Nightmare on Elm Street and Poltergeist, Halloween is par for the course, cool, and even fun. Dressing up in ghoulish costumes, going around the neighbourhood to trick-or-treat and sharing horror stories on October 31 of every year is considered harmless fun, a time to let one’s hair down.

However, as Christians, we should be aware that Halloween has pagan roots. For the ancient Celts – the predecessors of the Welsh, Scottish and Irish peoples – October 31 was the first day of the new year called Samhain. According to the Irish sagas, which were penned sometime between the 9th and 12th centuries, Samhain was the day that many mundane chores were done: crops were harvested and farmsteads secured. October 31 also marked the end of fall and the start of winter, which was a time of increasing darkness, death of vegetation and the harvest; all this contributed to the symbolism of the day, and in turn, its power.

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Come! Find Out What God is Doing Across The Earth – IHOP Internship 2014

An Invitation from Aaron Frazee to IHOP Internship (10-14 Dec 2014)

Dates: 10 – 14 December 2014 (Wed – Sun)
Venue: 165 Sims Ave, Harvest Care Centre, Level 6
Cost: $30 (teachings only); $40 (teachings + Harp & Bowl clinic)

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IHOP Internship II – 10 to 14 Dec 2014


Following from last year’s internship, Aaron Frazee joins us again this December for our IHOP Internship II.

Topics this year include:

• The Why and What of the Global Prayer Movement at the End-of-the-Age
• The House of Prayer as our Eternal Identity
• What is the House of Prayer in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David?
• Harp & Bowl Intercessory Worship

Dates: 10 – 14 December 2014 (Wed – Sun)
Cost: $30 (teachings only); $40 (teachings + harp & bowl clinic)

Limited to 100 seats!

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Highlights from The Call 2014 Conference

Here are some highlights from The Call 2014 conference!

If you missed the conference or some of the sessions, the conference teachings are available on an mp3 CD for $5.

Email us at info@onethingministries.net to place an order.

Why We Must Pray for Israel

Day by day, global pressure is being brought to bear on the nation of Israel. Israel is currently under intense criticism from the international community for pursuing its current course of military action in Gaza in response to Hamas’s rocket attacks from Gaza. As of 23 July, an estimated 649 Palestinians, 32 Israeli soldiers and three Israeli civilians have been killed in the fighting. Understandably, the global pressure on Israel to pursue peace with the Palestinians will continue to increase….

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Upcoming Events

Weekly Friday Teaching

Staying Watchful and Wise
in this Hour

Date: 7 Nov 2014
Time: 8pm – 9.30pm

These teachings are free and open to the public.

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IHOP Internship 2014

The House of Prayer in the Spirit of the Tabernacle of David
10 – 14 December 2014

Registration is open!

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Global Bridegroom Fast

Monday – Wednesday
3 – 5 November 2014
4pm – 6pm, 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Join us at the House as we engage our hearts in pressing in for more of God.

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Forerunner School Intensives 2015

Topics for FS Intensives in 2015 are out!

1. The Number One Priority for the Church: Cultivating Intimacy and First Love for God (Jan – Feb)
2. Understanding Eternity: Heaven, the Millennial Kingdom and Eternity (May)
3. The Book of Joel (Jul – Aug)

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1-Year Course

Aug 2014 – Dec 2015

Required readings + Questions for Lesson 4 (23 Nov) have been posted!

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Prophecy Room

1 Nov, 6 Dec 2014

4:30pm, 4:50pm, 5:10pm or 5:30pm

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