The Heart Behind the 70-Day Hosea 10:12 Daniel Fast

70-day Daniel Fast

2020 has been an unusual year! 2020 is not a normal year! 2020 will be remembered as the year when the world was brought to a total halt and standstill by a pandemic! Our norms of running businesses, eating out, interacting with one another etc. have been totally disrupted by the global outbreak of COVID-19. This unprecedented first-in-this-generation crisis has brought the winds of change that have shifted the entire world into a new normal!

As the Church of Jesus Christ, we have definitely not been spared this global shaking of God (Hag. 2:6–9). As the people of God, we were absolutely taken by surprise — almost no one saw this coming. Most of us were primarily found wanting as we did not have the answer to this crisis. No prophetic voice was able to make sense and give clarity to what God was saying and doing. Truth be told, we were all blindsided by the LORD through this pandemic!

COVID-19 exposed our cold, dull and hardened hearts. COVID-19 magnified our prayerlessness. COVID-19 revealed our lack of insight and clarity as the prophetic people of God. It is the LORD’s indictment of our hearts, our prayer life and the prophetic movement!

How then should we respond?

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(2020.11.1 – 2021.1.9)

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The Picture of the Bride of Christ through the Book of Esther (Friday Teaching, 23 Oct 2020)

(Recorded Live via Zoom)

Take Heed Lest We (Too) Fall (Blog)

sinai wilderness

by Sarah Ng

The way God relates and deals with His chosen nation Israel is a picture of how God relates and deals with us His Church. We can learn much from their history with God especially through their 40 years of wandering in the wilderness. God humbled them and tested them to reveal what was in their hearts. Would they really love and obey God when circumstances changed for the worst?

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Found of Good Use or Good For Nothing? (Blog)

salt & light

by Sarah Ng

I grew up being nagged by my parents with threats like, “Better study hard and get a stable job in the future, else good for nothing…”

Our parents who have brought us into this world feel the immense responsibility to bring their children up well so that we may be found of good use – both to the family and to society-at-large, and rightly so.

One of the worst nightmares any person could have is to be found “useless”, especially when it comes to the very purpose for which we are created. Each one of us is created by God for a purpose. There comes a time when we will face a reality check. Will we be found of good use or found good for nothing?

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A 3-Part Dialogue with Henson Lim and Yeo Kay-Chong

Part 1
Part 2 Part 3


Covid-19 has brought the nations to a pause. The Church has not been exempted. What is more — our Sovereign Lord has orchestrated and allowed this!

If God is the One who is in control, then our answers can only be found in Him. If God is the One who orchestrated this, then surely He is looking for a response from His people. If God is trying to get our attention through this, something good will come out of it if we say “yes” and respond.

In this 3-part dialogue, Henson Lim (Founder and Director, Archippus Awakening) and Yeo Kay-Chong (Director, IHOP – One Thing Ministries) share their insights and perspectives on the following questions as spiritual leaders in this land:

“What does God want from His people?”
“What does He want to awaken us to?”
“What does He want to reveal and remove?”
“What does He want to align us to?”

God, Where Are You in this Pandemic? (Article)


by Cynthia Sundram

As of the end of June 2020, about 500,000 — half a million — people have died from COVID-19 worldwide. More than 10 million have been infected, with actual numbers likely to be higher due to the lack of diligent reporting and widespread testing in many nations.

Many people have lost jobs, with scores of businesses and national economies affected. The price of oil went negative for the first time in history underscoring the disease’s impact on the global economy. In the midst of the lockdowns, social problems have increased, suicides have increased, and domestic violence has increased.

Where is God in all this? Worse still — did this pandemic catch God by surprise?

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The Knocking God (Article)

hand knock door

By Joshua Yap

Have you ever been locked outside of your own house? And without any means of getting in because your family member inside was blissfully ignorant of your plight? It’s an annoying experience: being so close yet so far. What if I told you that this is what Jesus faces with many of us in the body of Christ today?

In Revelation 3:20, we see the Lord of the universe knocking on the doors of our hearts, waiting and longing to enter in. At first glance, this sounds like a Scripture written to unbelievers. Yet we find that this verse was Jesus’ message to the church in Laodicea – it’s written to believers! In their lukewarmness, they had locked God out of their lives and kept Him waiting in a place where they could be blissfully ignorant of His presence and desires.

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Pause, Wait, Lean In

Pause Wait Lean In

In the recent days and months, the world has been aflood with buzzwords such as “change”, “life no longer business as usual”, “new normal”, etc. as we grapple with a global pandemic that has affected almost every area of our lives.

With absolute certainty, the world will not come out of this pandemic unchanged. We will not be the same. Social norms and lifestyles will change. Our outlook and perspectives will change. The way businesses are run will change.

What does this mean for the people of God?

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Making Sense of the Global Crisis and How Then Shall We Live?

In light of the COVID-19 crisis that is affecting many nations around the world, it is crucial for God’s people to correctly interpret what is happening and to understand what the Lord wants from His people in this time.

The world has entered a new normal. However, are we as God’s people hearing Him correctly and responding rightly to Him? Or are we simply waiting for this to blow over so that we can go back to our lives business-as-usual?

God’s everlasting Word provides the answer as to what we need to do in such a time as this. It gives us the grid through which we can make sense of this global crisis, and the answers to the question, “How then shall we live?


Making Sense of the Global Crisis and How Then Shall We Live?
1_Making Sense

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A Prophetic Dream from 2015 for Today (Word)

(from Kay-Chong Yeo)

“In December 2015, I had a prophetic dream. In that dream, a voice that sounded like a loud trumpet said to me, ‘Storm is coming!’


Immediately, I saw dark clouds accumulating in front of me and huge winds began to blow. A rising tide of floodwaters swept towards me.

Suddenly, the voice said to me again, ‘Look! Stand on that Rock!‘ I looked and a Rock arose to my right. I climbed onto the Rock in the midst of the rising floodwaters and strong winds. The winds were so strong that I could not balance myself.

The voice shouted at me again, ‘Cement your feet on the Rock so that you may have strength to stand.‘ Then I awoke and Luke 21:36 immediately came to mind.”

Luke 21:36, “Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy [i.e. may have strength] to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.”

Today, the storm is here.

If we understand the biblical narrative for what is to come (Matt 24, Mk 13, Lk 21), things will not get better.

Joel chapter 2 gives us the clearest answer in how to respond in crisis!
The only solution is to SHIFT, ALIGN and RESET to God!
The key is to be REAL, DEEP and AUTHENTIC in our walk with Jesus!

Things will not get better,
but we can grow stronger
we can burn hotter
we can shine brighter!



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