Word For The Season 2017 – The Great Need of the Hour



THE GREAT NEED OF THE HOUR is a special seminar that will speak forth the very Word of God for the now.


1. The Leadership of Jesus – our Confidence and Stability
2. A Church that is Wise and Watchful
3. God’s Gift for our generation – the “Jeremiah 3:15 Shepherds”


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Jesus commanded one generation of believers to know that His return was near. It was the generation that would be alive to see all the things and signs that He prophesied about in Matt. 24.

“So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near – at the doors! Assuredly I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place.”
(Matt 24:33)

Throughout Scripture in the OT and NT, the prophets, apostles and most of all, Jesus, foretold about the prophetic events and trends that would take place at the End of the Age. All of the significant prophetic trends and much of the prophetic events are occurring now together for the first time on a global level.

Our Forerunner School (FS) Intensive in April and May 2017 will teach on how we can know that we are living in the End Times and the key events and personalities that the Church needs to be aware of.

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1-Day Seminar on Harp & Bowl

1 DAY Seminar

Saturday, 3 June 2017
10am – 10pm

The 1-Day Seminar on the House of Prayer and Harp & Bowl is a short and intensive course that provides a brief introduction to the House of Prayer and the Harp & Bowl Intercessory Worship Model.

The Seminar is designed to give participants understanding of the premise for the House of Prayer in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David and have a taste of doing Harp and Bowl intercessory worship.

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IMMERSE Internship – Application Open

Immerse Banner Final_1

IMMERSE Internship is a uniquely designed one-month full-time program for those seeking to become people of One Thing – those who partner with Jesus to fulfill the Great Commission from the position of intimacy with Jesus at the place of prayer.

This internship provides an experience as an intercessory missionary in the context and environment of a House of Prayer in Singapore, and is for worship leaders, musicians, singers or simply for those who have a desire to set aside a focused season to grow deeper in the Lord.


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Four Parables Important for the End-Time Church

At our most recent Friday teaching on Being the House of the Wise and Watchful (13 Jan 2017), we referred to a teaching on the four parables in Matthew 24 and 25.

Listen to the teaching below.

Four Parables Important for the End-Time Church (Matt 24 & 25)
Part 1 of 2

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Part 2 of 2

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The above message and our recent Friday Teachings are also available for listening and/or download here.


Weekly Friday Teaching

The Call to Respond
(Joel 1:13-14)

Date: 31 Mar 2017
Time: 8pm – 9:30pm
Our weekly Friday teachings are free and open to the public.

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Word for the Season


Date: Saturday, 22 July 2017
Time: 2pm – 6:30pm

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Forerunner School Intensive

Understanding the End Times

30 Apr; 7, 14 & 21 May 2017
Sundays, 3pm – 6pm

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1-Year Course

The Sermon on the Mount
August 2016 – August 2017

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Prophecy Room

1 Apr, 6 May, 10 Jun

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