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Ushering in Revival

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What is revival? How do we contend for the breaking in of God? How do we posture our hearts to receive what God has already promised and desired to give us?

“Ushering in Revival” is a gathering for the youth (aged 13 – 21 years) during their March holidays. We are calling forth the youth to come together to understand God’s heart for revival and to press in for it.

Join us for a time of prayer with worship, teaching and fellowship. Join us to hear and understand the response God is looking for throughout the Scriptures.

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by A. Ng

Timelines. I have a love-hate relationship with timelines. In the workplace, timelines are a great tool to help with managing projects, charting milestones and ensuring that preparations for an event or project are on the right track. However, in the event of unexpected delays and hiccups, timelines can seem like a countdown clock, with every second bearing down ominously as the deadlines loom closer and closer. They help me out, but sometimes also stress me out.

Timelines. The Father also has His timelines, whether we realize it or not. He had a timeline when He created the world in seven days. He had a timeline when He led the nation of Israel out of Egypt after 400 years of slavery. He had a timeline when Jesus came in the flesh 2,000 years ago to die on the cross for our sins. And He has a timeline for when Jesus will finally return to take His rightful place as King of the earth.

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Prayers for Singapore

On the 50th day of this 50-day of consecration and contending, our prayer is this,
“”Father of glory, we thank You for inviting weak people like us in partnering with You in this 50-day of fasting, consecration & contending. Thank You for grace in sustaining us & revealing Your heart unto us during this season. Lord, continue to keep the fire of our heart burning. Grant even more grace to the next prayer-network who are taking over the next 50 days of fasting, consecration & contending!” (Leviticus 6:13)

On the 49th day of consecration and contending for Singapore, our prayer is this,
“Holy Spirit, stir the hearts of the youth in schools all this nation. Blow the trumpet that they may gather all over their schools for sacred assembly – time of consecration & contending. Just like what You did in the 70s which started the Clock Tower revival, do it again, O Holy Spirit. But we ask for an even greater revival to break forth among the youth in many schools!” (Joel 2:12-17)

On the 48th day of consecration and contending for Singapore, our prayer is this,
“Father, we thank You for the Pioneer Generation of our nation. We contend for the salvation of these group of people. We pray for the revealing of Jesus upon their lives. Let Your light shine upon their hearts. Open the eyes of Your heart so that many would call upon the name of Jesus & be saved!” (2 Corinthians 4:6)

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Teaching Series on A Call to a Season of Consecration and Contending

The LORD has spoken to us of the necessity for a season of consecration and contending in the year of Jubilee for the fullness of God’s destiny and plan for Singapore. What does this mean? How should we respond in such a time as this?

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A Call to a Season of Consecration and Contending
(Josh 3:1-8; Joel 1:1-12)
9 Jan 2015
The Call to Hear and Respond (Joel 1:13-14)
16 Jan 2015
Being the Voice of God (Joel 2:1)
23 Jan 2015
The Response that God Requires (Joel 2:12-17)
30 Jan 2015

Why We (Still) Burn at the House of Prayer

As many discover in real life – while the wedding day is easy and enjoyable, living out a marriage and with one another day-to-day, through the seasons and highs and lows of life, is not so easy. The same applies to burning in the House of Prayer – while singing and praying the Word at the Internship was enjoyable, doing it for the long-run requires sacrifice, commitment and adjustment in people’s lives. As the prophet Joel writes, solemn assemblies and consecrated fasts require sacrifices – elders will have to gather, nursing babes and children have to join in and even the bridegroom and his bride must come out of their wedding chamber (Joel 2:16).

In the long-run, something has to sustain people who want to burn in the House of Prayer. To paraphrase Shakespeare, then, how do the “happy few, we band of brothers,” stay focused on burning in the House of Prayer, after 11 years?

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The Call for a Season of Consecration and Contending for Jubilee 2015

As part of a nation-wide partnership with various prayer networks in Singapore, IHOP – One Thing Ministries will be taking the first 50 days of 2015 (1 Jan to 19 Feb) to pray and fast for the nation. You are welcome to be a part of this fast and prayer as the Lord leads you. We will have daily prayer sessions during these 50 days. (See our meeting schedule for session timings.)

Singapore-snflagWe believe that as part of our Jubilee, God is calling the people of God in our land to 221 days of consecration and contending for Singapore to fulfill her Antioch Calling. It will encompass:

1. A time of consecration (1 Jan – 9 Aug 2015)
2. A season of prayer and fasting (1 Jan – 9 Aug 2015)
3. A monthly sacred assembly (every Tuesday during the monthly Global Bridegroom Fast)

Join us in sacred assemblies as we contend for the destiny for our nation!

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Upcoming Events

Weekly Friday Teaching

The Vision of a Bride
(Song 1:1-4)

Date: 6 Mar 2015
Time: 8pm – 9.30pm

These teachings are free and open to the public.

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Ushering in Revival

Calling Youths to come together to understand God’s heart for revival

Thu, Fri & Sun
19, 20 & 22 March 2015

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Forerunner School Intensive 2015

Understanding Eternity: Heaven, the Millennial Kingdom and Eternity

Six Sundays, 3pm-6pm
Part One: 24, 31 May and 7 June 2015
Part Two: 5, 12 and 19 July 2015
(Kindly note the changes in dates)

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1-Year Course

Aug 2014 – Dec 2015

Required readings + Questions for Lesson 8 (29 Mar 2015) have been posted!

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Prophecy Room

7 Feb, 7 Mar, 4 Apr 2015

4:30pm, 4:50pm, 5:10pm or 5:30pm

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One Thing Kids!

Children Equipping and Mission Centre

8 Feb, 1 Mar, 29 Mar; 26 Apr 2015

3.30pm – 5.30pm

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Save the Dates!

THE CALL 2015 Conference

Until every nation sings
Until every nation loves

10 – 13 September

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