Forerunner Youth Events

We regularly hold events for youth (aged 15 to 18) to spur them on to love Jesus wholeheartedly and to partner with Him in what He is doing in this generation.

Forerunners are people who hear God’s voice, know His heart and speak God’s message to His people and the nations to make ready the generation in which our Lord returns. It is our desire that through these events during their school holidays, we will equip and raise up forerunner youth who will set aside time to:

  • Know God, and His heart for them;
  • Grow in intimacy with God;
  • Discover God’s destiny and purpose for their lives.

Past Forerunner Youth Events

2017: The Life of David: A model of wholeheartedness, obedience, faith and meekness for the End-Time Church (June)
2016: Growing in KINGDOM Values, Identity and Purpose (June)
2015: Cultivating an IHOP Lifestyle (June); Ushering in Revival (March)
2014: ARISE (June)

TESTIMONIES from Past Events

I learnt how to hear God’s Voice and how to draw closer in my relationship with God. The most impactful thing that happened in this camp is that I now feel very happy while talking to God.

- Keenan

I learnt that God loves us and I feel that God is speaking to me.

- Addy

The thing that touched me most in this camp was learning more about God and knowing that He cares about me and is faithful towards me. I learnt that He is never angry at me even when I make mistakes but instead He still loves me.

- Jeron

The camp made me reflect more on God’s Word and allowed me to spend more time listening to what God has to say. I also learnt to embody the traits of a person of One Thing.

- Daniel

I engaged my heart with God a lot during the camp and revisited the basics of our relationship with God and of the people who went hard after Him. I’m touched by God and glad that He moves in the midst of broken and contrite hearts like ours.

- Joshua

PHOTOS from Past Events