Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the Forerunner School all about?

The Forerunner School seeks to equip and prepare all believers to live in their Bridal Identity with wholehearted love for God and for people.  Our desire is to see the LORD raising up ministries that function in the forerunner spirit as “Friends of the Bridegroom” – to prepare the Church as a holy lovesick Bride for the fulfillment of the Great Commission in the Last Days.

2) Must I attend all the sessions?

Yes. The topics taught will be related to one another and built up progressively. It will be hard to 'catch up' if you miss any session. Not all sessions will be recorded. Also, the objective of this course is not just a bible-study on the topics being shared, but to equip believers to know God's heart and raise up voices to proclaim what God is saying regarding the times we are living in. As such, it is important to attend all the sessions to have an understanding. There will be small group discussions to facilitate further dialogues so as to help in going deeper in understanding God's heart and what He is saying.

3) How do I sign up?

To view current topics and to register, click here. (Please note that we will need a class size of at least 20 to start a class.)

4) What is the closing date for registering for this course?

The closing date for registration is one week before the course starts. We will send you an email confirmation upon your signing up and keep you updated of any changes.

5) Is there a registration fee for this course?

There will be no registration fee for this course. You may give a love offering. We will provide notes for the sessions.

6) I am unable to attend the sessions. Are there resources available on the same topic?

Past Forerunner School teachings are available for purchase. If a topic has been taught before, it will be available at our Resources section.