The Forerunner Ministry


This track covers topics vital and fundamental to the ministry of forerunners. The Lord is raising up His messengers to proclaim His Second Coming and to prepare the Church as His mature Bride.


Understanding the End-Times

Can we tell when the End-of-the-Age will occur, and what will happen when it comes? In those days, will the Church experience a time of terrible persecution at the hands of a very real Anti-Christ? More importantly, how should we prepare ourselves for the coming Day of the Lord as described in Joel 2:11? These questions have profound implications for every person living in the generation when Jesus returns!

Understanding the Book of Revelation

We are living in unprecedented and challenging times. The only certainty is uncertainty! Are we living in the End-Times? How should believers respond? The book of Revelation provides us with more information about the End-Times than any other book in the Bible. Understanding this book is not an option for believers especially in a time such as this. This important book helps us to understand the heart of God for the Church and believers in the End-Times, the nature of events that are beginning to unravel, and how to prepare ourselves so that we can be a voice of God.

The Book of Joel

Noah did not wait until the flood came to build the ark. Likewise, there is not a moment to waste for us. We will be facing a ‘flood’ of judgments far greater than in the days of Noah within our generation. The most relevant question for all of us is found in Joel 2:11c, “Who can endure it?” The book of Joel is one of the most important books in the Bible for the End-Time generation. It is the road map and instruction manual to prepare us for the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit and also the judgment of God in the End-Times. Joel is also a book that calls us to radical living in preparation for the End-Times.

The Ministry of Forerunners

Isaiah prophesied that the Lord will raise up forerunners as His voice before the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The forerunners are called to prepare and make ready the people of the Lord before His Second Coming. They will also proclaim God’s Word and His truths in order to make sense of things for the End-Time Generation.

The Revelation of Jesus as the Bridegroom, King and Judge

In Matthew 16:15, Jesus asked the early apostles a very important and profound question – “But who do you say that I am?” This same question will be emphasized by the Holy Spirit to the End-Time apostles, prophets, and Church. We, the End-Time Church, need to have a right understanding of who Jesus is. In these Last Days, the Father has commissioned Jesus to reveal Himself as the Bridegroom-King who judges all that hinders love as He takes over the earth (Rev. 1:1 – 2). The Church as His Bride has to make herself ready to partner with Jesus by walking in these truths. Jesus will not come until the Bride is prepared and knows Him as the Bridegroom, King, and Judge (Rev. 19:7).

Understanding Israel

In 1 Chronicles 11 and 12, the bible unravels a season of overwhelming turmoil, uncertainty and divided loyalties in Israel’s history – a season of transition that could be compared in many ways to the season in which modern Israel finds herself today. The restoration of Israel in 1948 has caught the Church by surprise and also leaving the Body of Christ divided. There is an urgent need for Israel to be understood both in the light of God’s Word and in the light of her restoration, miraculous preservation and journey toward her God-given destiny. Biblical and correct understanding of Israel will help us to respond in accordance to the heart of God and to pray for Israel until Gods purpose for her is fulfilled!

The Sermon on the Mount Lifestyle

The Sermon on the Mount is the constitution of God’s Kingdom. It is the Kingdom lifestyle that God requires from all believers! It is the litmus test to measure our personal faith and our ministry effectiveness. We need to measure our personal lives and our ministry by how we and our disciples walk out the core values in the Sermon on the Mount. The Sermon on the Mount should be the most emphasized theme in the teaching ministries in the Body of Christ. This is a weighty message that describes the lifestyle of all true believers!