FSI (Forerunner School Intensives)

The Forerunner School Intensives provide an overview of each Message.
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Those who are interested in an overview of the topics in each Intensive.

Number of sessions: 4-6
Hours per session: 3 hours
Frequency: weekly
Day of the week: Sunday afternoon, 3pm to 6pm (day and timing can be revised according to the best-fit time for the teacher and the participants)

Mode of teaching: Lecture style
Interaction: Small group discussions and Q&A time

The Intensives are divided into 3 tracks:

1. Understanding the End-Times
2. Understanding the Book of Revelation
3. The Book of Joel
4. The Ministry of the Forerunners
5. The Revelation of Jesus as the Bridegroom, King and Judge
6. The Sermon on the Mount Lifestyle
7. Understanding Israel

1. The Song of Songs
2. The First and Great Commandment
3. Intimacy with God
4. The Bride of Christ
5. The Life of David
6. Encountering the Heart of the Father
7. The Beauty of God
8. People of One Thing: The David Generation

1. The House of Prayer in the Spirit of the Tabernacle of David
2. House of Prayer Internship

These sessions are free to the public but registration is required. We will run each track as long as 20 or more people register for each topic and are committed to attend the sessions. All sessions will be held at IHOP-One Thing Ministries, 165 Sims Ave, Harvest Care Centre, Level 6.

Once we receive your registration, we will acknowledge it by sending you an email to follow up.

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These are what some of our participants of our past Forerunner School Intensives have to say about the teachings:

Understanding The End Times

The teaching has given me a better understanding of Scripture, especially to be sober and to watch and pray. It motivated me to spend more time to study the Scripture and pray.

- Ng Lay Kuan, Bedok Bethesda Tampines Church

An awakening message of the times and seasons we are living in. This teaching has given me understanding of the will of God upon our lives, to walk circumspectly with wisdom and clarity..

- Jacquelyn Peh, Cornerstone Community Church

I’m very blessed and thankful for the expansion of the understanding, wisdom and depth in the Word. The revelation added layer upon layer, line upon line. It was clear and concise.

- Francesca Lok, Wesley Methodist Church

This teaching has opened my eyes to many misconceptions and has created a greater interest to know more and go deeper into His Word.

- Eadoin Lock, Faith Community Baptist Church

Growing in Prayer

Through the teachings, I have learnt practical steps to pray. I am often lost for words and praying the similar prayer over and over again. But now, with the list of Apostolic Prayers, it helps me to connect with God more intimately and easily while praying for my personal life, family/friends, ministry, nation and the issues in God’s heart as well! I desire to be disciplined in praying and reading His Word more delightfully and zealously!

- Marilyn Wong, Hope Church

I thank our Heavenly Father for the opportunity to hear and learn from Pastor Kay-Chong Yeo on Growing in Prayer. Through his clear teaching accompanied by the sharing of his own experiences I now have a better understanding on the importance and the effectiveness of prayer to enhance my spiritual life. I realised that I enjoy God more as I set a fixed time with Him.

- Michelle Goh, Church Of Our Saviour

It’s a refreshing way to look at the Bible as a big prayer list… Indeed, praying through the Bible using the apostolic prayers in the NT and the prayers in the OT will help me to engage with the heart of God, which is essentially what prayer is about. Through prayer I encounter the heart of God. May my heart be His sacred place of rest! I have been inspired to cultivate my prayer life to be not only a delightful habit but also one that brings delight to my Heavenly Father!

- Wong Yim Fun

In the past when I’m praying, I would feel frustrated if I can’t hear anything from God. After learning from this teaching, I would pause and listen. I feel very encouraged when I hear God’s response. It can be through a revelation or through His Word. My focus shifted. Not on wanting my prayers to be answered. Through praying, I receive God’s peace and joy. My focus is on God and I receive His peace.

- Esther Koh, Hope Church

Understanding the Book of Revelation

Having attended other teachings on the Book of Revelation, Kay-Chong’s teaching stands out in that it reveals the heart and character of Jesus for His Church and is not just a teaching on End-Time events. It has ignited a greater love for God in my life.

- Sharmaine Loh, City Harvest Church

I’m thankful for the Forerunner School on the Book of Revelation as it helps me to clearly understand the heart of Jesus Christ and His heart for His Church and Bride. I have gained a lot of understanding and I am longing to love Jesus Christ more deeply and appreciate more dearly what He has done and does for us.

- Peter Wong Meng Heng, Riverlife Church

The teachings opened my eyes and gave me a better understanding of the Book of Revelation.

- William Tang, St. James Church

Kay-Chong made the Book of Revelation much simpler to understand. The teachings were very insightful and were taught with great clarity. It now gives me great hope in the midst of challenges. Understanding the Book of Revelation also helps me understand the love and heart of God. It grips my heart with a greater urgency to prepare and share the Gospel. I also have a better understanding of who Jesus is.

- Esther Tang, St. James Church


Encountering Jesus

I enjoyed all the teaching sessions. They created in me a desire and hunger to know Jesus in a deeper way and to know His heart.

- Rachel Pang, Faith Community Baptist Church

I realised I know so little of my Savior and the Bible. The sessions were eye opening!

- Jann Aung, Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church


Understanding Israel

It is a blessing to be part of the class. I’ve been part of a prayer team, visited Israel, but I never fully understood my role as an intercessor, particularly for Israel or regarding the End-Times. Last Tuesday, we prayed as a team for Israel and we were excited to re-study Romans 9, 10 & 11!

- Liezel Rodriguez, Every Nation Church Singapore

It has opened my eyes to the reason for praying for Israel. The teachings have given me the ways and Scripture verses to pray.

~ Brandon Tennakoon, HIS Arrows Church

Through the teaching, I understood why Israel is special and why we have to intercede for her.

~ Corina Tennakoon, HIS Arrows Church

The sessions by Kay-Chong are of strong biblical truths. A very sound understanding of God’s heart, love, plans and purposes for Israel – past, present and future together with the End-Times. I found the sessions interesting and am very much encouraged in my heart and spirit by how God is using Kay-Chong and One Thing Ministries to teach these foundational and fundamental truths. I also learnt how to pray and intercede for Israel.

- Mani Nayudu, Paya Lebar Methodist Church

An eye-opener. I love it. Now I know one of the things we do is to pray for Israel as God mandated.

- Jane Foo, Bethel Assembly


We can also do teachings on specific topics for a church (we can teach at your church premise if you desire), ministry (e.g. youth fellowship, church camps etc.), or just as a group of friends who are thirsty to know more. Get in touch with us at [email protected].

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