FSI Weekend (Forerunner School Intensive Weekend)

Those who are interested in an overview of the topics in each Intensive.

Number of sessions: 7 to 10

Hours per session: 3 hours
Frequency: One weekend every year
Day of the week: Usually Fri, Sat & Sun

Mode of teaching: Lecture style with opportunities for impartation and ministry.


Here are what some past participants have to say about the FSI Weekend:


Growing in Intimacy with God (2018)

Very sound teaching on intimacy with God. I thank the Lord for giving me the spirit of revelation that I can see and know deep in my heart and experience the reality of God’s love. The teaching on who God is is very good. It has touched my spirit and heart. My confidence in the Father God and his love for me has increased.

- Alice Lee, Wesley Methodist Church

I found it extremely restful on the mind and soul, not rushed, not packed with too much information. Rest is very crucial for simply enjoying the Lord and going deeper in intimacy. Thank you, Alice. Life-changing for a lifetime.

- Lisa Lim, Jesus My King Church

I thank Lord Jesus for bringing me here where I learnt several things from Alice Smith and Kay-Chong. I’m most impacted with the sharing of the prodigal son. I’m so assured that my Savior and Lord and the Greatest I Am loved me from the beginning till now.

- Marc Gan, Riverlife Church

This seminar has been quite an experience for me. The speakers have many experiences in life so their teachings are in-depth, encouraging and comforting. I learnt a lot!

- Anna Ong, Petra Church

I was impacted by what and how God’s heart beats for me and how He runs towards me. This seminar has allowed me to learn some practical points to study and find out God’s attributes and character, and make notes and highlight them as I read the Scripture. I am able to also understand more on the seasons of a Christian life. I re-committed my life to God and am choosing not to despise the season that God has me in.

- Desiree Li, Hope Church Singapore

I am so blessed and thankful for this weekend. It is to me a cornerstone event to awake my soul and my first love for Jesus. It helps to consolidate a firm foundation for me to contend to see, to enter, to touch the heart of God through prayer and intimacy. I will make every effort to set aside time to be found in His presence, to fan and stir up my passion for Jesus. Thank you!

- Barnabas Wong, Jesus My King Church


The Bride of Christ (2016)

I’m blessed and impacted by the clarity of the teaching on our identity as a Bride of Christ. It also corrects some misconceptions of what the Bride of Christ is not about. The mystery of Jesus as our Bridegroom and us as His Bride is simply awesome.

- Tan Puay Tian, Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer

The FSI Weekend impacted me in such a way that reveals what God’s heart is based on the truth of His Word. It speaks to me on how God loves us, takes care of us and lavishly loving us and how He accepts us and how He wants to be close with us. I also learnt that as a believer, we need to respond and obey His Word…that we need to really have that desire to seek Him and have a communion with Him. It also opened my eyes to see the heart of God that what matters most to Him is our heart wanting Him. He will not leave us nor forsake us. It has given me a clear understanding of why God God does what He does.

- Jonah Zuniega, Every Nation Church Singapore

Thank you for preparing such an excellent module course. Dwayne delivered profound deep principles with clarity and passion. The entire multi-facetted subject was well-covered. Jennifer spoke with passion and forthright integrity. She shared with honesty and spoke the Word with power. She is one who had practiced and graduated from the principles she taught. Every worship leader is such a true worshipper. There was no �performance�. It was true prostrating worship!

- Pastor Shanuka Elangasekere, Agape Ministries, Sri Lanka

This message is very timely for me. My heart is once again awakened with love and affirmation of His love and the truth of His desire for my communion with Him despite my weaknesses. The message of the Bride of Christ is not new to me but I felt a stirring in my spirit this time and my spirit will continue to run with this vision of being a Bride of Christ even when I go back to my busy schedule.

- Rachel Pang

The thing that struck me most was when Dwayne talked about the questions that Jesus will base His judgments on: Did we love God? Did we seek God? Did we search out for God? And did we find God? (Acts 17:26-27) I always thought it was just about running the race, keeping the faith and doing God�s will. I never thought that it would also be about how much love we gave Jesus in our life here on earth.

- Joel Yap, IHOP-One Thing Ministries (Youth)

I had a deeper understanding of how God is like, what He is looking for and how I as a believer should love. Although the Great Commission is important, God is still primarily looking at the internal � our hearts and not the externals. The message of the Bride of Christ impacted me to grow in having a deep extravagant devotion to the Lord by �wasting� my all on Him despite having the pressure of criticism from others, because He is the eternal God who is worth so much more.

- Jane Chai, IHOP-One Thing Ministries (Youth)

I am impacted by the revelation of God’s deep agape love for us in spite of all my weakness, failures, sins… That He cherishes me and values me… I felt Jesus wooing me into that deep intimacy with Him. I am blessed by all the teachings.

- Anna Loo, Trinity Christian Centre