Forerunner School Monthly 2019

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A Living Understanding of The End Times
and How Then Shall We Live?

Day and Time: Sundays, 3pm – 6pm
Dates: 24 Mar, 14 Apr, 12 May, 16 Jun, 28 Jul, 18 Aug, 15 Sep, 20 Oct, 17 Nov
Teacher: Kay-Chong Yeo
Cost of course materials: $30 (estimated)
Venue: IHOP-One Thing Ministries, 165 Sims Ave, Harvest Care Centre, level 6

Registration is free but participants are required to purchase the course materials (notes and MP3 recordings on a thumb drive) so that they can prepare and complete the course assignments.

Closing date: 1 Mar 2019
(Register early to confirm the School and acquire course materials.)



“And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the End of the Age?” – Matthew 24:3

Jesus commanded one generation of believers to know that His return was near – the generation that would be alive to see all the trends and signs that He prophesied about in Matthew 24.

Therefore, it is vital to have a clear and biblical understanding of the End Times, especially in such a time as this. Many in the Body of Christ believe that we are living in the generation where Jesus will return.

If this is true, there will be many implications and questions – What does Scripture say? What does it mean for our generation if this is true? What is going to happen? Will it get better or worse? How then shall we live and what then shall we say in order to prepare ourselves and others? Who is Jesus when He returns?

It is so vital for us to answer all these questions if we are indeed living in the generation of Jesus’ return so that we can prepare ourselves to be that overcoming, victorious and mature Bride that Jesus is returning for.

This School seeks to provide answers to questions of what is going to happen, what God is looking for and how we should live in light of all of this. This is so that we can know God’s heart, make sense of what is happening around us from the Word of God and rise up to be His Voice wherever He has placed us – in our churches, workplaces, families etc.

Join us for this 9-month course to grow in understanding from the Scriptures and learn how to live out our lives as believers in such a time as this. Besides teachings, there will also be small group discussions and Q&A times to spur one another on to understand the material and grow to be His Voice in this generation.

Participants should be committed to complete the following before coming together with fellow participants every month:

  • Listen to recorded teachings (~ 3 hours of audio recordings)
  • Read up on sessions based on syllabus
  • Complete any given assignments by the teacher

The Course Administrator will inform participants of the specific readings and audio teachings to listen to for each month.


  • Jesus’ Command to know the Signs of the Times – Knowing the Generation but Not the Day or Hour
  • Seeing the Big Picture – God’s Restoration Process and Eternal Plan
  • How do we study and approach the End-Times? The 150 chapters of Scripture pertaining to the End-Times
  • Overview of the End-Time Drama; Overview of the End Times in the OT and NT: Positive and Negative Trends, Events and Persons
  • Timeline and Chronology of End-Time Events; The Political Signs of the End Times
  • The Significance of Israel in God’s End-Time Plan; The Redemptive Role of Israel
  • The Political Signs of the Times: Signs pertaining to Israel and the nations
  • The Harlot Babylon, Anti-Christ, Abomination of Desolation and the Great Falling Away
  • The Forerunner Ministry – Preparing the Way of the Lord
  • The Role of the End-Time Church
  • Extreme Times Require Extreme Measures: How then shall we live?
  • Who is Jesus when He returns? (Rev.19)
We will confirm this Forerunner School Monthly as soon as 20 or more people sign up and are committed to attend all the sessions.

These sessions are free and open to the public but registration is required. Once we receive your registration, we will acknowledge it by sending you an email to follow up.

All sessions are held at IHOP-One Thing Ministries, 165 Sims Ave, Harvest Care Centre, Level 6.