The Song of Songs (Mar – Nov 2018)

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The Song of Songs sets forth a divine pattern of growing in holy passion. It is the perfect transcript from God regarding the pattern of maturity and progression into passion for Jesus. It helps us to understand our spiritual progress with great clarity. A devotional study of this book will result in our heart being enlarged in love and passion for Jesus.

The pattern of the book will help us to locate and identify the issues that God is specifically dealing with in our lives. The book gives us understanding of God’s heart and the revelation of His affection and enjoyment of our lives. Because of that, it will awaken us to a lifestyle of passionate pursuit for Jesus.

Join us for a 9-month journey to grow in understanding this book and learn how to apply it to our lives as believers.

Dates: See Syllabus below
Day and Time: Sundays, 3pm – 6pm
Dates: 25 Mar, 29 Apr, 3 Jun, 1&29 Jul, 26 Aug, 30 Sep, 28 Oct, 25 Nov

Teachers: Kay-Chong Yeo and Cynthia Sundram
Registration is free but participants are required to purchase the course materials so that they can prepare and complete the course assignments.
Cost of course materials: $30 (Study Guide on Song of Songs + MP3 recordings on a thumb drive)

Participants should be committed to complete the following before coming together with fellow participants every month:

  • Listen to recorded teachings (~ 3 hours of audio recordings)
  • Read up on sessions based on syllabus
  • Complete any given assignments by the teacher

The Course Administrator will inform participants of the specific readings and audio teachings to listen to for each month.


SESSION 1 (25 March 2018)

A) An introduction and overview to the Song of Songs

- To gain an overview of the Song of Songs


Study Guide Chapts MP3 Recordings Song of Songs Chapts Topics
1 1 (a, b) - Introduction to the Song of Songs
2 2 (a, b) Song 1 – 8 Overview of the Song of Songs


  1. What are the three focuses of the Song of Songs? How can they help you in your personal journey of intimacy with Jesus?
  2. Run through the overview of the book and ascertain where you are in your own journey today. How does this help you in this season?

SESSION 2 (29 April 2018)

A) The Bride’s Life Vision
B) The Bridal Paradigm

- To set as our life vision the pursuit of spiritual intimacy with Jesus
- To understand the Bridal Paradigm and how we can fulfill the longings of our heart rightly


Study Guide Chapts MP3 Recordings Song of Songs Chapts Topics
3 3 (a, b) Song 1:2-4 The Bridal Vision for Intimacy with Jesus
4 4 (a, b) Song 1:2 The Seven-Fold Divine Kiss


  1. What is the Bride’s life vision and cry? What is your own vision for your life?
  2. Do the seven-longings of the Bride give you a better understanding of the passions you pursue in your own journey? Are there passions that you wrongly fulfil in temporary or worldly pursuits? How would you change these in light with what you now know?

SESSION 3 (3 June 2018)

A) The Bride’s Journey Begins
B) The Establishment of the Bride’s identity
C) Declaration of the Bride’s Identity

- To discover our identity and purpose in life


Study Guide Chapts MP3 Recordings Song of Songs Chapts Topics
5 5 (a, b) Song 1:5-11 Her Journey Begins
6 6 (a, b) Song 1:15-17 Establishing the Bridal Identity
7 7 (a, b) Song 2:1-7 Declaration of the Bride’s Identity and Life Purpose


  1. Being “dark but lovely” is place we can begin our journey of intimacy but as a Bride we should never stay here. Comment on this.
  2. How do the three vital and foundational truths in our pursuit of intimacy with Jesus, help us to overcome and grow in maturity.
  3. Why do we need to confess and declare who we are in Jesus? What does that do to you?

Date Topic
25 March Introduction of the Song of Solomon
Overview of the Song of Solomon (Song. 1: 2-4)
29 April The Bridal Vision for Intimacy with Jesus (Song. 1: 2-4)
The Seven-Fold Divine Kiss (Song. 1: 2)
3 June Her Journey Begins (Song. 1: 5-11)
Establishing of the Bridal Identity (Song. 1:15-17)
Declaration of the Bride’s Identity and Life Purpose (Song. 2: 1-7)
1 July Challenging The Comfort Zone (Song. 2: 8- 17)
The Divine Discipline of Jesus (Song. 3: 1-5)
Jesus as a Safe Saviour (Song. 3: 6-11)
29 July The Cherishing Heart of Jesus (Song. 4:1-8)
The Ravished Heart of the Bridegroom (Song. 4:9-5:1)
26 August The Two-Fold Test of the Bride (Song. 5:2-8)
The Bridal Response to the Two-Fold Test (Song.5:8 – 6-:3)
30 September The Transcendent Beauty of Jesus (Song.5:10-16)
Jesus’ Praise For and Affirmation of the Bride (Song 6: 4-10)
28 October Vindication of the Bride (Song. 6:11 – 7:9)
The Bride’s Mature Partnership With Jesus (Song 7:9b – 8:4)
25 November The Bridal Seal of Mature Love (Song 8:5-7)
The Bride’s Final Intercession and Commission (Song 8:8 -14)

These sessions are free to the public but registration is required. We will run each track as long as 20 or more people register for each topic and are committed to attend the sessions and complete listening, readings and assignments before each session. All sessions are held at IHOP-One Thing Ministries, 165 Sims Ave, Harvest Care Centre, Level 6.

View some chapters on the Study Guide on The Song of Songs and listen to the MP3 recordings here.