Here are what some past participants have to say about our previous 1-Day Seminar on the House of Prayer and Harp and Bowl:

I was impacted by the teachings, especially that of being a lovesick Bride of Christ. There is power in the Word and we should let the Word be the foundation of our prayers.

- Koh Wei Ting, Cornerstone Community Church

I came to learn more about the model and structure, but I caught a deeper revelation of the heart of worship. I felt a release of stress from perfectionism and received the joy of soaking in the presence of the Lord together with His people.

- Leo Hui Min, Hope Church

The 1-Day Seminar teachings have deepened my understanding of the importance of prayer in our lives and my identity as a House of Prayer. I also gained new understanding of how antiphonal worship (like the liturgy that we do in Church during communion) was the model of prayer in Jewish tradition and in the New Testament Church.

- Ma Chung Wai, Church of our Saviour Centre

The 1-Day Seminar had informative, word-based teachings on worship and intercession (Harp & Bowl). It helps to capture the heart behind it.

- Loh Ya-Xin, Hope Church

I really have a deeper insight into what doing the House of Prayer means, and the principles and values behind why we do this. The clinic definitely helped in a big way for everyone to have a first-hand experience of doing Harp & Bowl.

- Isaac Ang, Trinity Christian Centre

This seminar revealed to me the specific purpose of worship and prayer in the House of God and how to rethink the way we approach Biblical prayer. The sharings were insightful and real, which makes it easier to understand and hopefully gain ground for application in the future.

- Ashleigh Lua, Church of Our Saviour

The seminar opened my eyes to the wider purposes of worship and intercession. Most importantly, it showed me the goal of ministry to the Lord. Last but not least, I saw how the Harp & Bowl model is instrumental in bringing heaven on earth in worship.

- Grace Gan, New Creation Church

The 1-Day Seminar was indeed an experiential significant journey adventuring into the model of the Harp & Bowl prophetic worship and intercession. It was also memorable time connecting with fellow brethren from various streams and culture coming together in a time of worship and prayer. A sure recommendation for every believer to be experiencing this revelation of connecting with the heart of God through worship and intercession.

- Jacquelyn Peh, Cornerstone Community Church

I am so blessed especially in the prophetic singing session. I have done it before in worship session but didn’t know what I ws doing. Thank you for today’s seminar! You guys taught me a lot about what prayer should be.

- Gracella, Gereja Bethel Indonesia

I’m am very blessed and equipped more by IHOP-One Thing Ministries. Thank you and God bless us with more and more with new revelation about House of Prayer and also God’s heart.

- Ling, Gereja Bethel Indonesia

Here are what some past participants have to say about our previous 5-day IHOP Internships:

IHOP Internship III (2015)

This Internship gives me a paradigm shift of what worship and prayer should be, and how it is at the core of who the Church is and what it does.

- Pastor Edmund Wong, CEFC

I’m really glad to be learning something that is the desire of God’s heart – how He meant for us to minister to Him, as seen from both the Old Testament and the New Testament. I am really glad to be learning HOW to minister to Him. ‘Cause usually what I am taught is how to minister to people. Singing and praying from Scriptures really help in our relationship with God!

- Neriah Tan, Hope Church

I came to learn about our identity in Christ and who Christ has intended each of us to become – a kingdom of priests. I grew to understand that Christ is not just coming back for believers but wholehearted lovers of Jesus who are intimately connected to His heart. My heart is stirred to live a life passionate for Jesus because He is worthy.

- Venus Sim, WORD Community Church

This Internship gave me more confidence in leading prayer and worship and how to sing responsively. My favourite part of the Internship is the Harp and Bowl Clinic where I learnt practical tips as to how to worship using the Harp and Bowl method.

- Samantha Chee, Hope Church

I learnt about the heart of God for the House of Prayer. More than just a structure or music, it’s about pursuing the heart of God. I enjoyed the fellowship with the people during the internship. The hands-on sessions gave us a feel of how the model works and how we can apply this model to our own Church. I recommend all who has a heart for the House of prayer to come for this internship!

- Edsa and Leire, Lifesong International Christian Ministries Inc. (Philippines)

During this internship, through the teachings on House of Prayer the spirit of the Tabernacle of David, I learnt about the heart of worship and the importance of worship. Even though we learnt so much over the internship, it just feels that we have just scratched the surface and creates in me a longing to know more, sparking me to read up the Word more. The Harp & Bowl Clinic were very useful – I got to practise and go through the worship sets. It gave me an experiential learning of the Harp and Bowl model that was taught. Marcus also gave us individual comment on our team dynamics etc and I felt that it was a really personal touch and encourages us to keep pressing on. Through this internship, God reassured me about gathering together for prayer and worship, simple as it sounds, yet this is on God’s heart and it is really about drawing near to the heart of God.

- Julia Teo, Bethel Assembly of God

It’s such a joy to be a part of what God is doing and raising up in these last days. Prayer is on the heart of God and I so much want to be a part of this House of Prayer movement that God is raising up because I believe it is fulfilling a critical role, particularly in these last of last days. And more importantly, I want to be connected to people who share the same heart, who desire Jesus more than anything else, who desire intimacy with the Lover of our soul. What IHOP – One Thing Ministries has put together for this internship is awesome and I encourage everyone who has a burden to move and understand this dimension of prayer, worship and harp and bowl coming together etc – to go through this internship program. I’m greatly blessed by the learning, blessings, and imparting of spiritual graces from the team and the Lord. It was amazing to see different believers from different churches moving in unity led by the Spirit of God. I can’t believe within a couple of days, new things are birthed and has motivated us to move more deeply in the heart and spirit of prayer and worship. This internship gave me a foretaste of what day and night worship with prayer will be like.

- Allan Phua

This internship has helped me enhance my prayer life and to go deeper in my relationship with God by using Apostolic Intercessory and Biblical prayers through the Harp & Bowl model in worship. I am also very inspired and motivated by the benefits and purpose of using Apostolic Prayers and resolved to memorize these and pray in alignment to God’s heart desire.

- Doris Chin, Christian Assembly

This internship has made me desire to have a deeper intimacy with God. It opened up my eyes to the wonders of praying with God’s own words.

- Isabella Ong, New Creation Church

I caught God’s heart for prayer and worship in a newer / fresh way, and also this internship sparked an interest in pray-reading the book of Psalms. God spoke to me about the simplicity of devotion and intimacy with God and the importance of cultivating an eternal perspective.

- Justin Quek, Lighthouse Evangelism

IHOP Internship II (2014)

I am glad I attended the internship and like a dry sponge was fully soaked in the clear and concise teaching of the speakers in conjunction with the notes. It triggered a greater desire within me, a fire filled with zeal and inspiration for greater intimacy with God in prayer and worship.

- Valerie Ng, In Him Church

The lectures were very informative, lively and rich. They have given me more perspectives and helped me understand more regarding worship and prayer and my role as a worshipper. I have gained a better understanding of the partnership between prayer and music.

- Arabelle Wei, Thy Kingdom Come 611 Bread of Life Church

The Harp and Bowl model is a very fresh way of prayer and worship, and has given me new insights as to how we can go deeper in prayer and worship.

- Zerline, Trinity Christian Centre

I was really blessed by the teaching on the tabernacle of David. It has really opened my eyes and heart to God’s heart towards us.

- Wilson, GBI Senayan City, Jakarta

God has stirred my heart with the true value of the Harp and Bowl model, and the House of Prayer. I realize that the House of Prayer is an answer for His heart that is longing to be with us and dwell with us. It changes my paradigm of what is the House of Prayer.

- Belinda Gracia, GBI Senayan City, Jakarta