Intimacy with God


This track consists of topics on the beauty of God, His desire for us His Bride, and the desire of God’s heart for us to love Him wholeheartedly in return.


The Song of Songs

Are you longing to know God? Can you trust His hand in your life? Do you want to understand how He sees you and how He feels about you? Nothing empowers the human heart like the revelation of God’s affection for us. Though this love is seen throughout the Bible, the Song of Songs unveils this “Divine Romance” unlike any other book in the Bible. The Song of Songs is an 8-chapter love song revealing the passionate desire of God for His Bride.

The First and Great Commandment

God is restoring the First and the Great Commandment to the first place. The Holy Spirit is moving and empowering the Church to become the people of One Thing who will love the LORD with all of their hearts. Passionate and extravagant lovers will become the norm in the Church worldwide; weak and broken people of God will be supernaturally empowered to love God wholeheartedly. What is this First and Great Commandment and why is it so important to God?

Intimacy with God

Scripture tells us that it is the desire and heart of God to have an intimate relationship with us. In fact, Scripture reveals that every believer can have an intimate relationship with God. This is the heart of the Gospel! But what is intimacy with God? How can we cultivate an intimate relationship with God? This topic addresses these questions and more…

The Bride of Christ

Hosea prophesied in Hosea 2:16 that in the Last Days, the Body of Christ would call Jesus as “my Husband!” This basically means that the Spirit of God will nurture and raise us into the position as a Bride of Christ! In this Bride of Christ Teaching series , we will see how the cherished Bride is being prepared by Jesus and how she will partner with Him in the Last Days. It will also help us understand the doctrine of the Bride of Christ.

The Life of David

Imagine what it would be like to be singled out and given an awesome and almost unfathomable compliment like David. Once again, God is raising up believers and giving them hearts as He did for that shepherd boy who tended sheep and played his makeshift harp at the backyard of Bethlehem (Jeremiah 3:15). And He is using the life of David as a prototype for believers living in the Last Days.

Encountering the Heart of the Father

Before the First Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, God raised up John the Baptist as a forerunner to restore a true understanding of the Father’s nature and character. As we are living these Last Days, God once again, is pouring out the Spirit of the Father that would invade the hearts of the believers and establish them in foundational realities of the Father’s love. This is the very prophecy of Malachi where there will be a release of the Spirit that was on Elijah, an anointing to heal the curse on the land that results from a false perception of the nature of God as our Father.

The Beauty of God

The prophet Isaiah prophesied that the LORD will grant us the revelation of the Beauty of Jesus in the Last Days. This is one of the mysteries and the deep things of God (1 Cor. 2:7, 10). This is especially vital to all worship and intercessory ministries that seek to minister unto the LORD! What is this Beauty of God and why do we need to receive this revelation? In this series, we will introduce the revelation of the Beauty of God through the doorway of Revelation 4 – 5 and give an insightful teaching on the importance of receiving this mystery of God.

People of One Thing: The David Generation

God is calling forth the David Generation to rise to the fullness of their destiny – a generation that will pursue God wholeheartedly, live in total obedience and reckless abandonment, and make Jesus their magnificent obsession. A people who will contend for the fullness of God in their generation. Are we the David Generation? What does being the David Generation mean? How do we live it out?