Community Projects

As a missions base, our heart is to birth forth missions from the place of prayer, whether in the form of overseas work or local community projects, as part of living out the IHOP Lifestyle.

We offer our lives to the Lord in the following ways:

  1. Give extravagantly to finance the preaching of the gospel and the advancing of the Kingdom of God, and
  2. Give our time and effort to do the works of justice.

Both aspects go hand-in-hand. The giving of money is for financing the works of justice, and praying for justice also births forth the works of justice.

As a ministry, we regularly step out to work on projects that will bless those in need, bring cheer and help to their lives, and spread the fame of Jesus. We always desire to do these acts as a result of hearts prompted by God’s love.

If it is on your heart to join us to bless others, email us at [email protected].

Current Community Project


Standing with our Front-line Heroes – A blessing to the healthcare workers
Even as healthcare workers stand at the front-line to keep our nation safe, as a ministry, we are standing with them to pray for them and also bless them with practical gifts such as hand cream, vitamins, food and drinks on a monthly basis, over a period of six months (March to August). Over these six months, our team will come together to raise funds, write personalized cards and pack and present gifts to the 700 nurses and doctors in NUHS who are tirelessly working in the isolation wards and Emergency Medicine department. We are also looking to adopt other hospitals that we can bless.

Past Community Projects

community projects 2

Blessing the Elderly @Fei Yue
We partnered with Fei Yue to reach out to the elderly staying in one-room flats by interacting with them at one of Fei Yue’s centres. We played Bingo, did a sing-along session with them and blessed them with small gifts.

Goodie Bag Packaging and Distribution @Food from the Heart
A group of us, including youth and children, joined Food from the Heart to pack and distribute food goodie bags for beneficiaries staying in the Eastern part of Singapore.

community projects

Blessing Migrant Workers @Geylang
We partner with a group of passionate believers to reach out to migrant workers in the Geylang area on a regular basis. Through power evangelism – the laying on of hands to pray for healing for their physical ailments – we connect with them and show them God’s love and compassion as we relate to them.