Jump Into What God is Doing in this Generation | IMMERSE Internship

Immerse (JUN 2019) final without click

God will change the understanding and expression of Christianity in the earth in one generation.

Jesus’ Bride will be holy, radical and set apart for Him. She will be zealous for His purposes in this time as she awaits the imminent return of her Bridegroom. Many will arise as shepherds after His own heart (Jer 3:15), who will carry the forerunner spirit and arise from the place of prayer as Friends of the Bridegroom to awaken this generation to passion for Jesus in every arena – schools, marketplaces, local churches and more.

IMMERSE INTERNSHIP is a one-month full-time program for those seeking to become part of this finest generation through experience as an intercessory missionary in the context and environment of a House of Prayer in Singapore. This year’s internship includes a 3-day 2-night camp, on the prophetic promises for this generation and how to step into these promises that are coming to pass in this time.

Set aside four weeks this year to jump in and immerse yourself in all that God is doing in our time.


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