Forerunner School Monthly

These courses are designed to go deep in a particular message or topic over a period of six months to one-and-a-half years. Through a guided reading schedule and meetings, we seek to provide a place where participants can come together to spur and challenge one another to live out the forerunner lifestyle.

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For those who desire to grow in the selected topic.

Participants should be committed to complete the following before coming together with fellow participants every month:

  • Listen to recorded teachings (~ 3 hours of audio recordings)
  • Read up on sessions based on syllabus (~ 30+ pages of notes)
  • Complete any given assignments by the teacher

The Course Administrator will inform participants of the specific readings and audio teachings to listen to for each month.

Number of sessions: variable
Hours per session: 3 hours
Day of the week: Sunday afternoons, 3pm to 6pm
Course Fee: This course is free to the public but registration is required.
Course Materials: Participants will be informed of the course materials that need to be purchased accordingly.

Mode of teaching: Self-study via teaching materials such as study guide/teaching series and pre-recorded audio teachings. Attendance at teaching sessions followed by completion of assignments.
Interaction: Group discussion and Q&A time

These sessions are free to the public but registration is required. We will confirm each track as soon as 20 or more people register for each topic and are committed to attend the sessions and complete listening, readings and assignments before each session. All sessions are held at IHOP-One Thing Ministries, 165 Sims Ave, Harvest Care Centre, Level 6.


These are what some of our participants of our previous One-Year Courses have to say:

The Sermon on the Mount (2016-2017)

Though I study the teachings on my own through readings and listening to MP3 recordings, I make an intentional effort to come for the sessions as it helps me to grow in the Message by hearing it ‘live’ and spurring one another in the discussion group. Kay-Chong also shares much insight through the teachings and it brings the Word of God alive to me.

- Lin Liang, Toa Payoh Chinese Methodist Church

The teachings gave me very practical handles to walk out the Sermon on the Mount lifestyle.

- Faith Lim, Living Sanctuary Brethren Church

The Book of Revelation (2015-2016)

Through coming to the sessions on the book of revelation over the course of one and half years, it has helped me develop understanding of the times and learn to hear the right voice. The verse in Rev.1:3 keeps comes back to me. It speaks of “…the time is near”, which means the urgency of the times. There are many voices trying to compete for my attention. I find that the key is to read the Word regularly, develop understanding and cultivate my relationship with God. This course has reminded me to dig deep into God’s Word and there is no short cut in developing a relationship with God so that I can hear the right voice.

- Tan Chor Suan, Orchard Road Presbyterian Church

When I became a Christian, the first two books I read were Genesis and Revelation because I want to know the beginning and the end. However, I could not understand the book of Revelation nor could I get anyone to explain to me clearly. I had many misconceptions about the book and I find it frightening because it talks about tribulations and the symbols of dragon, ten horns etc. When I came to IHOP-One Thing Ministries, I began to understand this book better. I began to understand this book as a book of victory for Christians and judgment for Satan and wickedness. In fact, I now look forward to the time when Jesus will return. Most importantly, I learnt about Jesus and who He is and I am not afraid to be martyred because I know I am going to reign with Him in the New Millennium. And this is my hope as a Christian. What I hope to do after the course is to share with other people about this urgent message. In one of my recent flights, I met an Australian and told him about the book and he was impacted.

- Teo Gek Lee, Cornerstone Community Church

I don’t really understand the book of Revelation and now I still don’t fully understand it. Coming to this course has challenged my pre-conceived ideas about Jesus’ return. I write songs and now most of my songs have the words “the soon and coming King”.

- Chua Ying Hwee, Hope Church

When I came back to my faith three years ago, I was asking God where to start from. Without me knowing, God has been leading me and He led me to this course. When I read this book previously, I felt fearful. However when I hear Kay-Chong teach it, I began to see things differently. It is through learning step by step – being disciplined to listen of MP3 recording, coming for the sessions monthly, and wrestling with the message with people that I grow and get fired up, especially in knowing the times and how God loves us.

- Peter Tan, Riverlife Church

Due to worldly influences, I found the book of Revelation scary to me with both extremes of good and evil. My pre-conceived idea of book of Revelation was that it is not necessary to read it. However when I came here for the course, it took away my fear and the deception caused by my world view of this book. I learnt that this book is about the revelation of Jesus – if we grow in knowing about the Person of Jesus, we will begin to know what is on His heart and His plans. When God removed my fear and deception, I grew in clarity and confidence in Him and His plans. Through the course, I appreciate IHOP-One Thing Ministries’ stamina and you are like my “front markers” in this marathon of pursuing and knowing God’s heart. I also resolve to grow into the lifestyle of fasting. As spurred by you to be a voice, I began to share with my friends and colleagues about Jesus and this book. In the process of sharing, I also grew in conviction.

- Goh Teck Pek, Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church


Mar – Nov 2018: The Song of Songs

SOS-FSM without clickThe Song of Songs sets forth a divine pattern of growing in holy passion. It is the perfect transcript from God regarding the pattern of maturity and progression into passion for Jesus. It helps us to understand our spiritual progress with great clarity. A devotional study of this book will result in our heart being enlarged in love and passion for Jesus.

2016 – 2017: The Sermon on the Mount

1-yr SOTM_Aug2016-Aug2017The Sermon on the Mount is the “constitution” of God’s Kingdom. It not only describes the core reality of the Kingdom of God but also defines what it means to be a true believer of God and the Kingdom character that a true believer should possess.

2015 – 2016: The Book of Revelation

In Revelation 1:3, it says, “Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near.” It is vital for the church to know and understand this Book because it reveals who Jesus is and His action plan which will prepare the church for His return.