Partnership in Prayer Room – More Info


  • Same vision
    • Prayer is the ‘furnace’ from which all things (e.g. ministry works, spiritual breakthroughs, revival, etc) are birthed and sustained
    • The establishment of a House of Prayer in the Spirit of Tabernacle of David
    • Prayer sessions to be conducted using the principles of Harp & Bowl
    • Belief in the same foundational messages – Intimacy with God, building a 24/7 House of Prayer, Ministry of Forerunners
  • To talk through and dialogue with leadership regarding partnership.
  • For musicians and singers who are interested, an audition will be conducted to assess skill levels.

Commitment Levels

  • Attendance at weekly sessions (e.g. anchoring a Wednesday night slot means that one should come every Wednesday, even if you are not playing/singing on that Wednesday)
  • Each individual to play/sing/lead once a month or more for that weekly slot
  • Make time and effort to grow in the foundational messages

Our commitment to you

We will provide training and guidance for all who join us. This includes overseeing teams that join us to ensure that we are on the same page and have the same vision and heartbeat.