Who We Are

Our Mission and Assignments

We are a Forerunner Community that is committed, from the place of 24/7 Prayer with Worship, to:

  1. Proclaim the beauty of Jesus and His glorious return;
  2. Prepare the people of God to walk in the fullness of God’s purpose;
  3. Participate in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
The Lord’s specific assignments for us are to:
  1. Establish a 24/7 House of Prayer in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David in Singapore;
  2. Call people to intimacy with Jesus as our Bridegroom God and to the First Commandment;
  3. Prepare God’s people and the nations for Jesus’ return, and at the same time, equip and mobilise forerunner messengers who will do the same;
  4. Do the work of the Great Commission;
  5. Serve Jesus’ purposes for Israel.

Our Key Pillars

  1. 24/7 Prayer with Worship — the heartbeat of our House
  2. The Pursuit of Intimacy with Jesus — the essence of our House
  3. The End-Time Generation — the context for our House

Our Culture and Values

We reach to walk in a culture of:
  1. Passion — for Jesus and His fullness for us
  2. Love — for each other and the lost
  3. Faith — believing God for His promises
  4. Authenticity — personal integrity, humility, and living before the Audience of One
  5. Excellence — giving our all to Jesus
IHOP Heart values

We embrace the following four heart values (embodied in the acronym “IHOP”) :

  • Intercession: a people of prayer and fasting, expressed corporately through night-and-day prayer and worship;
  • Holiness: a people who are wholehearted in love, radical in obedience, relentless in trust, reckless in abandonment for God;
  • Offering: a people who give extravagantly to God for the advancement of His Kingdom, and who live a fasted life (i.e. simply) for themselves;
  • Prophetic: a people who stand boldly in faith, move in the power of God and have confidence in His provision, protection and direction.