Who We Are

Our Community and Mandate

We are a Forerunner Community that is committed, from the place of 24/7 Prayer with Worship, to:

  1. Proclaim the beauty of Jesus and His glorious return;
  2. Prepare the people of God to walk in the fullness of God’s purpose;
  3. Participate in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Our Key Pillars

  1. 24/7 Prayer with Worship — the heartbeat of our House
  2. The Pursuit of Intimacy with Jesus — the essence of our House
  3. The End-Time Generation — the context for our House

Our Values

Core Values
  1. Passion for Jesus — the First and Great Commandment
  2. A Loving and Caring Community — the Second Commandment
  3. Compassion for the lost and the poor — the Great Commission
  4. Centrality of worship and intercession — our Priestly Duty
  5. Moving in the Prophetic and Supernatural — our Prophetic Mandate
  6. Audience of One — genuineness and integrity in ministry style without hype or soulish exhibition
  7. Stewardship of our Hearts before God — guarding the fire on the altar of our hearts for a tender and responsive heart towards God and others
IHOP Heart Standards

We embrace living out the following four heart standards (embodied in the acronym “IHOP”) necessary for life and ministry in the End-Time Church:

  • Intercession: a people of prayer and fasting, expressed corporately through night-and-day prayer and worship;
  • Holiness: a people who are wholehearted in love, radical in obedience, relentless in trust, reckless in abandonment for God;
  • Offering: a people who give extravagantly to God for the advancement of His Kingdom, and who live a fasted life (i.e. simply) for themselves;
  • Prophetic: a people who stand boldly in faith, move in the power of God and have confidence in His provision, protection and direction.

Our Mission and Assignments

We are a Missions Base, fuelled from the place of 24/7 prayer with worship, that seeks to prepare God’s people and the nations for the Lord’s return.

The Lord’s specific assignments for us are to:

  1. Establish a 24/7 House of Prayer in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David in Singapore;
  2. Call people to intimacy with Jesus as our Bridegroom God and to the First Commandment;
  3. Proclaim the forerunner message and, at the same time, equip and mobilise forerunner messengers who will prepare God’s people and nations for Jesus’ return;
  4. Do the work of the Great Commission;
  5. Serve Jesus’ purposes for Israel.