Sons of Oil | Joshua Yap

“Sons of Oil” is based on Zechariah 3 and 4, and it has three themes. Firstly, it’s about having confidence in the Lord’s grace and mercy found in Jesus Christ. Secondly, it’s about cultivating a deep relationship with the Lord. Thirdly, it declares the all-sufficient grace of God for us to overcome the difficulties in life that come our way when we live out His will.

Songwriter: Joshua Yap
Sound Engineer: Jerry Chua (
Videography: Kae Jian (


Because You Chose Us | Vanessa Chua

“Because You Chose Us” is a song inspired by the Book of Malachi. Beyond the stern warnings and rebukes laid out in this passage, God the Father through His tender heart, in fact, reveals what He is looking for in His people. This is God bringing us back to see the heart behind His invitation & call for us as priests and Levites, and His reminder for us to recognise the privilege of serving the Lord of Hosts.

Songwriter: Vanessa Chua
Sound Engineer: Jerry Chua (
Videography: Kae Jian (

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Sons of Oil


Because You Chose Us