Standing with our Front-Line Heroes (Project S.FL.H.)

FLH Banner Apr 2020

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit our shores, countless dedicated doctors and nurses have been constantly placing their lives on the line for us in this nation. They face daily challenges and make countless sacrifices: they do not get sufficient sleep, have postponed their weddings and honeymoons, are forced to avoid elderly parents and loved ones as a precaution, and some have to work even while pregnant. They are stretched physically, mentally and emotionally as they constantly adapt to the ever-changing situation on the ground with the spread of COVID-19 in our nation.

As a community, more than just keeping them in prayer, we wanted to step out to encourage and bless them in this time, and project Standing with our Front-Line Heroes was born.

Our projects to date include:

The Unseen Force at SGH (Project 4 — February 2021)

As the number of Covid 19 patients dwindled, our focus turned to another group of people that had been working hard to ensure a clean, safe and sanitised environment in our healthcare facilities. These are the housekeepers who work in hospitals.

On Friday, 5 February, in appreciation of their work, we blessed 547 housekeepers in SGH with a goodie bag comprising of utensils, a lunch box, and a printed thank you card. When we found out that most prepare their own meals at home to consume at work, we felt that a gift like this would be essential and useful for them.

Our prayer is that they may know how special they are to Jesus, and how He sees each of them.

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Healthcare personnel at SGH (Project 3 — August 2020)

With a request for quick, easy-to-prepare and convenient comfort food, we distributed our third batch of items to Singapore General Hospital (SGH). On 12 August 2020, we gifted 1008 cups of instant noodles, 504 boxes of biscuits, as well as 1008 packets of Ribena.

These items were distributed to an estimated 500 staff in five wards that were managing the COVID-19 and pneumonia patients.

We crafted appreciation boards and printed thank you cards (placed in envelopes) to thank them for their effort and hard work.

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Healthcare personnel at NUH (Projects 1 & 2 — March 2020)

Our first project was to gift useful and needful items for healthcare personnel at National University Hospital (NUH). On 31 March 2020, we gave gift packs to 500 health care personnel at NUH.

The gift packs included hand cream to moisturise their hands that were subject to frequent washing and sanitising, vitamin C to boost their immunity, as well as energy bars for easy consumption on-the-go.

Our heart is that these would provide some comfort and relief to each front-liner.

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