Loving Israel Mandate

Our mission is to mobilise intercessors in the Church to pray for Israel, to stand with and love Israel. It is also our desire to equip the Body of Christ to have a biblical understanding of the purpose of God for Israel and the role of the Gentile Church in provoking Israel to jealousy (Rom. 11:11-12).

The operation and visitation of the Spirit among the Jewish people is a vital part of causing the Jewish people to return to their Messiah (Joel 2:28-32; Zech. 12:10). However, this full release will only come as a result of a body of believers who are committed to a lifestyle of night-and-day prayer and fasting for Israel (Isa. 62:6-7).

God has great zeal and fervor for Israel, specifically Jerusalem (Zech. 8:2-3). Therefore, the International House of Prayer – One Thing Ministries is committed to seeing the nation of Israel walking in her full destiny at the End-of-the-Age as prophesied in Isaiah 60.

Our primary role is to pray for this beloved nation of God and to partner with like-minded ministries to pray for Israel and also to serve the Messianic Jews who are living in Israel.

Prophetic Promises and Prayers for Israel

Click for List of Prophetic Promises and Prayers for Israel

Click for list of prophetic promises and prayers for Israel

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