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Date: 22 July 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 2.00pm to 6.30pm


What impacted me through this seminar is that the greatest success in life is to grow in the experiential knowledge of God, to hear, watch and pray now. In this year 2017, respond and watch God move. I received a deep assurance that my unborn daughter has been created and ordained for the purposes of the Lord for this specific time in history.

- Rachel Chow, Chapel of Christ the King

Through this seminar, I was impacted to know the heart of God, to be real and authentic in our walk. I’m blessed by the testimonies of the speakers and encouraged to seek a deeper relationship and walk with the Lord.

- Andrew Seow, Cornerstone Community Church

A reminder that we are first from heaven, ordained by Him before time, before I was in my mother’s womb, to be a living expression on earth with our hearts set on God and mind set on His purposes on things above.

- Chloe Wong, Full Gospel Assembly

I was impacted to realign our lives with God, get real, deep and authentic.

- Lin Liang, Toa Payoh Chinese Methodist Church



We stand at a critical juncture in all human history. Prophet Isaiah prophesied that the Holy Spirit will visit His people with power as darkness increases. The Word of the LORD for the last few years was Extreme Times Require Extreme Measures. Our generation is primed for the most severe crisis yet the most glorious revival.

The great need of the hour is for a people who understand the times and know what they ought to do, so that we are made ready to partner with Jesus in this finest and most challenging hour of the Church of Jesus Christ. The Word of God is clear – things will not get better but we can grow stronger. Scripture is clear that there is a requirement to prepare ourselves to be ready for both the unprecedented glory and impending crisis that are fast approaching.

THE GREAT NEED OF THE HOUR is a special seminar that will speak forth the very Word of God for the now.


1. The Leadership of Jesus – our Confidence and Stability
2. A Church that is Wise and Watchful
3. God’s Gift for our generation – the “Jeremiah 3:15 Shepherds”


IHOP – One Thing Ministries, Singapore

Kay-Chong_smKay-Chong is director of International House of Prayer – One Thing Ministries in Singapore, a ministry of prayer with worship in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David. He has served the LORD as a pastor among the youths and young adults for 15 years in one of the local churches in Singapore.

In 2002, the Lord gave him a new mandate to establish a 24/7 House of Prayer in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David, to be His voice in calling believers into intimacy with God and to proclaim the message of the forerunners in these Last Days. Since then, he has been ministering and proclaiming these messages in Singapore and in various countries in Asia. He has an intense desire to see others grow in the knowledge of Christ and understand what is on God’s heart for a unique time like this.

Kaohsiung House of Prayer, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Van_smallVan is director and music worship instructor at the Kaohsiung House of Prayer in Taiwan. He has a vision to raise up a holy generation that would respond to the heartbeat of the missions and prayer movement, to set up 24/7 prayer altars amongst the nations to prepare the way for the return of Jesus and to bring the gospel to the nations with the love of Christ. After serving at IHOP – Atlanta for some time, he returned to Taiwan to set up a House of Prayer.

His ministry focus is to introduce the Church to the Bridal paradigm of the Kingdom, awaken God’s people to walk in the reality of the end-time prayer movement and prepare God’s people to become true worshippers and lovers of His Word. He is committed to living a lifestyle of intimacy with God, holiness, generous offering and persistent prayer.

All Nations House of Prayer, Tainan, Taiwan

Jess&Alice ShaoJess and Alice Shao have been in full-time ministry since 1999. They have served as pastors in the context of English Ministries within the Chinese Church in the United States. Jess and his wife, Alice, moved from California to Kansas City in March 2008 along with their children, Abigail, Moses, Josiah and Nehemiah in response to the clear leading of the Lord.

In June of 2008 they were appointed to lead the Chinese Ministry at IHOP – Kansas City. They moved to Tainan, Taiwan in 2014 to continue ministry in Asia. Both Jess and Alice share a passion to see Chinese Christians worldwide experience the depths of the Father’s love and to walk in deep partnership with Jesus as His eternal beloved bride. They long to be used of the Lord to prepare the Church for the return of Jesus.