To the House of Prayer

Then everyone came whose heart was stirred, and whose spirit was willing, and they brought an offering to the LORD for the work… (Exodus 35:21)

IHOP – One Thing Ministries seeks to establish a 24/7 House of Prayer in the spirit of tabernacle of David in Singapore. It is an inter-denominational ministry for the Body of Christ in Singapore. We believe that it is God who birthed this in order that He alone should own it and all can share in making it a reality!

You can give financially towards the running of the House of Prayer to keep the fire burning in our land.


To Intercessory Missionaries

We invite you to read the following to find out more about
supporting our intercessory missionaries financially in order for them
to serve full-time in the House of Prayer.

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Ways to Give

1) Send a Cheque

You can send a cheque made payable to ONE THING to the following address:

IHOP – One Thing Ministries
Harvest Care Centre
165 Sims Avenue
Singapore 387606

Instructions for Cheques
On the back of your cheque, please indicate either according to your offering:
a) “For the House of Prayer”; or
b) “For Intercessory Missionaries”

Cheques without specific instructions will automatically be channeled to the running of the House of Prayer.

2) PayNow
Instructions for PayNow
a) If the love gift is for Intercessory Missionaries:
i) Please specify “for Intercessory Missionaries” in the PayNow reference / comments field.
ii) After the transaction, please WhatsApp or SMS us at 84956828 with the following details for our tracking purposes:
– Your name:
– Date of transaction:
– Amount transacted:
– Reference / Comments: For Intercessory Missionaries

b) If the love gift is for the running of the House of Prayer, there is no need for tracking purposes. Thus you do not have to put any specific details in the comments field nor WhatsApp / SMS us. All amounts received through PayNow without specific instructions will automatically be channeled to the running of the House of Prayer.

3) Offering box at IHOP – One Thing Ministries
You are welcome to drop your offering (in cash or cheque) into our offering box when you visit the House of Prayer.