Healing Testimonies from the Prayer Room

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I was having a terrible bout of gout which gave me much pain in one of my ankles. I was on medication so as to manage the pain caused by the gout.

I visited the House of Prayer on one of my trips to Singapore and a few youth prayed for me. Suddenly, I felt a tingling sensation around my ankle. Before I realized, the pain was gone!

I visited the doctor when I returned to Shanghai. The doctor confirmed that I was healed from gout and I was immediately taken off from all medication relating to gout. Thank you, Jesus!

Tom Chen, 20 Sept 2014

I was on the way to the House of Prayer for IMMERSE internship one morning. While walking down a slope, I slipped and fell on the ground and hurt my tailbone badly. The pain was excruciating and each time I walked or bent a little, I felt a sharp pain.

I received prayer for it when I got to the House but the pain was still there. However, during the prayer room session that afternoon, the song “Restoration” was sung during worship:

“You’ve taken my pain
Called me by a new name
You’ve taken my shame
And in its place, You give me joy”

I joined in to sing, poured my heart out and declared out loud to God over and over again, believing by faith in what I sang even before healing took place. As I did that, I suddenly felt the excruciating pain at my tailbone decrease greatly – from 100% to 10%.

I was shocked and in awe because I had never experienced God’s healing power released through singing of worship songs and declaring His restoration before! Subsequently, the injury was restored completely within a week. It was faster than I expected. Hallelujah!

Josephine Ho, 30 May 2017
IMMERSE Intern (May – June 2017)

I have suffered for years from pain and numbness in my right shoulder (due to an injury from my old job); pain in my chest (Tietze syndrome), lower back / tailbone and jaw (TMJ disorder); as well as decreased lung capacity due to asthma. As a result, I have not been able to do some things that a healthy person would be able to.

During my time at IMMERSE as an intern, Jesus healed me significantly over a period of a few days as we worshipped and prayed in the House of Prayer.

I have minimal to no pain anymore in my right shoulder, chest, lower back / tailbone and jaw, and my lung capacity suddenly increased in an instant and I could take a deep breath once again.

I am now able to write with my right hand for longer periods of time, sit up straight, sit in one position for a prolonged period without pain, and eat whole apples! Which I have not been able to for the past 5 years! Praise Jesus!

Carmaleela Kaur, 29 November 2017
IMMERSE Intern (Nov – Dec 2017)

I was having very bad pain around the left side of my neck one day. It was so bad that I couldn’t really speak or think. I happened to walk beside the sound booth and Faith (the person on sound duty) realized that I was in pain. She simply stretched out her hand and said, “Healing be released in the name of Jesus!” Suddenly, I felt better and the pain was completely gone. Praise the name of Jesus!

Kay-Chong Yeo, 8 June 2018
IHOP – One Thing Ministries Staff

It was a Wednesday evening when I started experiencing pain in my throat. Some people in the House prayed for me.

The pain persisted and I took some pain-killers. However its effect would last only for about 6 hours and the pain would then return. People continued to pray over me in small group prayer during prayer sessions at the House over the next few days.

That Saturday evening, I stopped taking medication as I was experiencing tiredness and weakness as unfavourable side effects. Thus, I had much pain in my throat that night, especially when I swallowed my saliva.

However when I woke up early on Sunday morning, all pain was gone!! It was such a wonderful feeling because the change was so drastic – from a lot of pain to no pain at all!! Thanks for all your persistent prayers!!

Sarah Ng, June 2018
IHOP – One Thing Ministries Staff

Due to a series of medical conditions, my kidneys became impaired in Sept 2017. Blood tests showed that my creatinine levels (indicative of kidney function) were high for some months. There was no medication that could be given to me. Instead, I was told to drink 3 litres of water a day to flush my kidneys in hopes that it would help bring down the creatinine levels.

I was very worried that my kidneys had been damaged, so I asked God for healing and asked for prayer from family and friends. When I was at the House of Prayer, people would pray for me for complete healing.

In Oct 2017, a friend who was praying for me told me that she had a vision of God washing a pair of kidneys. I was encouraged and continued to press in as many others continued to pray for me.

I did two blood tests this year (2018) in March and in July. Praise God, in both blood tests, the creatinine levels were back to the normal range!

I trust that God has healed and restored my kidneys and they are having normal function once again! Praise Jesus for His mercies n goodness!

Agnes Koh, July 2018