Isaiah 62 Global Solemn Assembly for Israel




Post-Fast Thoughts


The Isaiah 62 Fast was truly HISTORIC and unprecedented! Surely the Lord has made manifest His zeal for Zion and directed the attention of the global Body of Christ to the apple of His eye.

As Houses of Prayer and prayer ministries in Southeast Asia, we too have done something together that was unprecedented. By the grace of God, non-stop worship and prayer arose for Israel out of this region (specifically in Singapore) for 21 days!

Thank you, Jason and Burning Hearts for leading the charge in gathering the Body of Christ in SEA for this historic 21-days!

More than being historic, this fast is also STRATEGIC. It will SHIFT the focus and conversation of Gentile believers to God’s zeal, heart and plan for Israel.

I can see a 3-fold result of this historic fast:

1. The AWAKENING of Gentile believers to understanding the mystery of Israel (Rom. 11:25),

2. The ALIGNING of the global Body of Christ to the Romans 11:11 call,

3. The ARISING of 100 million intercessors for the fullness of Jerusalem in accordance with Isaiah 62:6-7.

Certainly, a God-engineered momentum has been created! So the question will be WHAT NEXT? (Not so much another project but what is the Spirit saying?)

Just yesterday morning, I had a sense that there are embers still burning on the Isaiah 62 altar as a result of this global fire for Israel that burned for 21 days.

The thought and question that came to my mind is: with the embers still burning on the altar of our hearts, and Israel being so dear to God, how can we keep this fire burning before Him?

While it is unlikely to continue in the same way as the Isaiah 62 Fast (i.e. 24/7 non-stop prayer), as a region of Southeast Asia, we must continue to give God no rest for the fullness of Jerusalem in whatever capacity that we have, so that it is not a one-off initiative but the continuation of a move that the Spirit had initiated globally!

It is the set time of God (Psalm 102:13) for the awakening of Gentile believers in the region, especially the young generation, to the mystery of Israel, and for many of the 100 million intercessors for Israel to arise from the region of Southeast Asia.

May 7–28, 2023 was truly historic and unprecedented. Yet it is not the end of a journey but the continuation of a PROPHETIC STORY that began 40 years ago!




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Check out our resources on Israel for a comprehensive understanding of God’s heart and zeal for her.


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Beyond the 21-day fast, we desire to partner with like-minded people and ministries to see Jerusalem established as a praise in the earth as part of our Loving Israel Mandate. We invite all who have the heart to see her walk in her fullness to contact us for further dialogue.

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