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CONNECT Sessions

Three different tracks for participants who have signed up for Preparation for the Times (Intro) online equipping course

We are delighted to see many hearts responding to prepare for the times by signing up for this online equipping course! Apart from self-study, we offer three tracks of CONNECT sessions to further engage and spur participants in their journey of preparation to become the Daniel 11:32–33 people: ZOOM, F2F (Face-to-Face) and IMMERSE.

Depending on their own preparation goals, participants can choose to sign up for any of the three tracks.

The heart behind these CONNECT sessions is to spur participants to bring what they have gleaned from their personal self-study to the place of holy conversations with one another and gathering in corporate prayers.

Through these God-ordained processes, our goal is to raise believers to burn and shine for Jesus, being equipped through the Word and empowered by the Holy Spirit especially in this decade of the 2020s.


Self-Study, Holy Convo and Sacred Assemblies

In our journey to become the Dan.11:32-33 people, there are three key processes that we encourage our participants to engage God in:

1) Self-Study: This refers to our individual time set aside to have our personal divine dialogue with God, engaging Him as we read the PDF and listen to the MP3 on the Preparation for the Times (Intro) before coming together for Holy Conversations.

2) Holy Conversations: This is about coming together to share what we have gleaned from our own self-study, asking questions and spurring and praying for one another. These in-person conversations will be led by trained facilitators from IHOP – One Thing Ministries. The duration will be about 1.5 to 2hours for each meetup. The dates of meetup will be arranged once the groups are formed.

3) Sacred Assemblies: This refers to gatherings to come together to pray for God’s End-Time purposes. At the House of Prayer, this includes Apostolic Intercessory, Intercession with Worship and Sing with the Word sessions. See Meeting Schedule here.


Details and Registration

As you read the details of the different tracks of the CONNECT sessions in the tables below, seek the Lord as to which one to join.

Click on the “Register button” to register for the track that you would like to join. Registration has commenced and do take note of the closing dates.

PFTT Connect tracks


Holy Conversations – Syllabus and Format

View in PDF

Holy Convo details

IMPORTANT NOTE: As the nature of these tracks is to spur one another in walking out our journey in being prepared, all participants are encouraged to complete their own self-study of the respective modules before coming together for Holy Conversations.


Carry Out Great Exploits

All who registered for the Preparation for the Times will be invited to a ½ day in-person conference on The Spiritual Realm and Cosmic Warfare, 12pm to 6pm in 2024. We will keep you posted in due time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What happens after I register for the various tracks?

For Zoom, we will email you the Zoom link nearer the date of the session. For F2F and IMMERSE, we will connect with you individually and/or have a group discussion to arrange the admin details of the groupings once we consolidate the details from the registrations.

Q2) Can I join in any of the tracks at any time of the year?

We are starting the F2F and IMMERSE tracks in Jan 2024. The closing date of registration is 12 Dec 2023, so do sign-up soon! For participants who join after Jan 2024, we will reach out to them accordingly to work out the most optimal arrangement.

Q3) Can I switch tracks mid-way eg if I find IMMERSE too intense and not working out for me after I tried for a few months, can I switch to F2F or Zoom?

We will reach out to registrants accordingly to find out more and work out the most optimal arrangement.

Q4) If people in my group drop out along the months, will my group be merged with another or will it be discontinued?

Once a group is formed, the facilitators will journey with the participants and review with the group after about three to six months.

Q5) Are observers allowed? Those not sure but want to try out a few sessions first?

Observers e.g. your friends whom you will invite through us, are welcome to attend the Zoom sessions. For F2F and IMMERSE, it will be on a case-by-case basis.

Q6) Can you share the differences between the Zoom and F2F tracks?

For those who would like to meet to connect but can only commit to meeting once in three months, we suggest the Zoom option.

If you can commit to a more regular face-to-face meet up, you can join the F2F track.

The self-study time for both tracks is the same, but there is an increase in frequency of gathering to converse as this will help participants grow deeper. For F2F, there is an additional component of joining a sacred assembly monthly.

Q7) Can you share more about the IMMERSE track?

This track is for those who desire to go deeper into each of the modules under the topics of KNOW GOD, BE STRONG, CARRY OUT GREAT EXPLOIT and BE A PEOPLE OF UNDERSTANDING. More resources will be provided for participants in this track.

Self-study time will increase to about 6 hours a week. Holy conversations will stay as a monthly gathering, but the place of gathering in prayer will increase to thrice a month. Because of the amount of resources the participants will need to go through, the duration of the course will also increase to two years instead of one.

Q8) If I’ve signed-up for the F2F / IMMERSE tracks, do I still need to sign-up / attend the ZOOM sessions?

Our first ZOOM session will commence on 18 Nov 2023, while the closing date of registration for F2F and IMMERSE is on 12 Dec. Thus we encourage all to sign-up and attend the first ZOOM session as groups for F2F and IMMERSE are pending to be formed based on registration.

Q9) What are the dates of the quarterly ZOOM sessions in 2024? How do I register?

The dates of the quarterly ZOOM sessions in 2024 are 17 Feb; 18 May; 17 Aug; 16 Nov. Registration for the Quarterly Zoom sessions in 2024 will be sent to all PFTT participants about a month beforehand.


If you like to find out more or talk to someone about these CONNECT sessions, email us at and we can arrange a time to catch up with you over Zoom or in-person at the House of Prayer.