House Rules and Guidelines for Children

The House of Prayer is a place that is set apart for God’s dwelling and glory. In this place, we want to revere the Lord. For a fruitful time here, here are our House rules and guidelines we have with regards to visiting with children.

Children are allowed to be in the prayer room during prayer sessions. However proper order has to be maintained at all times. As such, we seek the kind understanding of parents or guardians to abide by the following:

Values and House Rules for children

  1. Before coming to the House of Prayer, do take time to explain to your child what the prayer room is and how they can engage their hearts with God. This could include speaking and listening to Him, worshipping and reading the Bible.
  2. The Prayer Room is a place for adults and children to commune with the Lord. Hence,
    1. No playing, shouting or running in the prayer room.
    2. No playing of toys or mobile phones in the prayer room.
    3. Parents need to actively manage their children. If they are getting restless, kindly bring them out of the prayer room.
  3. The stage, musical instruments and soundboard areas are out of bounds to children. They are also to avoid going near all electrical sockets and wires.
  4. We have allocated the last 3 rows on the right near the windows for young children to sit with their parents. This area minimizes distraction to others in the room.