Forerunner School FAQs

1) What is the Forerunner School all about?

The Forerunner School aims to equip and prepare believers to become a holy and lovesick Bride who wholeheartedly longs for the return of Jesus and arises to partner with Jesus in this hour to fulfil the Great Commission.

More than good teaching, our school aims to impart the reality of the Word to the hearts of believers and its relevance to the times we are living in.

2) Must I attend all the sessions?

Yes. The topics taught will be related to one another and will build up progressively. It may be difficult to understand and grasp subsequent sessions if you miss previous ones. Not all sessions will be recorded.

3) Must I participate in the discussions?

The small group discussions are meant as opportunities for clarification and to facilitate dialogue and wrestling with the teachings, and are an integral part of the process of growing deeper to understand God's heart from His Word. We highly encourage all to participate actively and ask questions during this time.

4) How do I sign up?

A link to register will be provided on the course website.

5) What is the closing date for registration?

Closing dates for our Forerunner Schools will be as stated on the course websites. We will send you an email confirmation upon your registration and keep you updated of any changes.

6) Is there a registration fee?

Unless otherwise stated, our Forerunner Schools are generally free and open to the public. You may give a love offering if you desire.

7) I am unable to attend the sessions. Are there resources available on the same topic?

Past Forerunner School teachings are available for purchase. If a topic has been taught before, it will be available at our Resources section.