The Word of the Lord for 2020

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I have invited and called you to partner with Me in this move of God in the Generation where Jesus is returning. I have invested and established much in you over the last 16 years. For there is a strong foundation being laid.

For you are entering into a new season! The shift is over! The transition is complete! For it is a time to enter into a New Beginning, a New Normal and a Divine Upgrade. It is time for you to arise, to burn and to shine!

There are many promises for the coming of the glory and the light of God that I have invited you into. Do you not see it? It is springing forth even in the desert and wilderness.

But I am not looking for a hireling. I am seeking for fathers, shepherds, leaders, and partners who will EMBRACE and own this storyline of Mine. I am not looking for a tin man without heart.

This is the time to throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles you — weaknesses, any “soft belly”, chinks in your armor — so that you may ENTER into the promises. Do not leave the weaknesses as an excuse, Achilles heel, or foothold for the enemy. But be very diligent to ENTER into the promises.

This is the time to seek clarity of the call and assignment that I have for you. This is the time to be intentional. This is the time to REACH for your destiny. This is the time to ENGAGE Me. This is not a game. For the opposition and adversary are real. This is not child’s play. But this is about the Father’s business. My grace is sufficient for you.

The wave is coming! Find your surfboard and ride with Me! This is another turning point. This is another new chapter of the storyline. Put your trust in My leadership, put Your hope in My perfect plan!

Will you be found ready? Will you be found wanting? The time is short and the hour is urgent!