The Word of the Lord for 2024

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You are standing at the threshold of the actualisation of My promises for this generation. There is coming the dawning of a new era where My glory and deep darkness will increase and escalate simultaneously (Isaiah 60:1–3). Take heed and watch for the emergence of the Harlot-Babylon as prophesied in Revelation 17 – 18. Do not be troubled but be diligent and intentional in preparing to become My Ekklesia in partnering with Me in the order of Melchizedek to advance My Kingdom and purposes here on earth.

There is emerging a people who will carry and express My glory that has never been seen before in generations past. But they must become a people who are mature, walking in purity and holiness, having clarity and understanding of My heart for Israel and plan for the End of the Age. They will carry the mantle of understanding and standing with Israel. This can only be attained through a season of preparation in My school of the Spirit — communing with Me at the Revelation 3:20 Table, equipping through the key passages of Scripture for this decade, and being empowered and transformed by the Spirit in this preparation for the times. This preparation is unto readiness and is for both young and old, for I am the God of generations.

Have I not spoken to you that this is the Revelation 3:20 Moment? Isn’t this the Preparation for the Times?

I am bringing you through a season of shifting and sifting! Trust in Me with all your heart! Trust in the process that I have ordained for you! For I am inviting you to come higher with Me.

Take heed that you do not just merely go through an institutionalised and man-made program. Because a form of godliness without power is no longer sufficient for the time that is to come. If you would trust fully in My leadership and are willing to go through the divine yet long process of preparation, I will purify, refine, transform and empower you with fire, vitality, strength, grace and authority. Only be vigilant to watch out for misaligned values, mindsets, hindrances and stumbling blocks that would seek to steal away the fullness that I have for you. Do not settle at the place of superficial knowledge but seek to go deeper into My heart!

The wind of the Spirit is about to blow. Hoist your sail so that you can catch the wind and move with the Spirit. Trust not in your own wisdom but in My leadership over you. Have a victorious mindset because I have overcome and all you have to do is take back the ground. Now is the time to not just preach “Jesus in white garments”, but also “Jesus in red garments”. Prepare yourselves to equip and school others in my Body unto becoming radical and sold out for God. Be bold and courageous, for I am with you and will authenticate your words with power.

Now is not the time to walk by sight but to walk by faith, to walk in alignment with Me, to obey all My commandments, and to be led by the Spirit. Be confident of this, that I who began the good work in you will see it unto fullness and fulfilment!

For I AM the Alpha and Omega, I AM the Beginning and the End, I AM the First and the LAST, I AM the Author and the Perfecter of the entire human storyline. Just behold and fix your eyes on Me!