Requirements of Full-time Staff


  • Gathering in all sacred assemblies in the House of Prayer
  • Participating in assigned ministry areas
    • For worship sets – worship leaders/singers/musicians/intercessors/sound duties of 2-6 slots a week
    • For ministries – to be involved in all allocated ministry times
  • Attending Friday teaching sessions
  • Attending all teaching/training sessions
  • Admin and support duties assigned to you
  • Involvement in all seminars/conferences/schools. This includes organizing, marketing and running of these events.


  • To come before the sessions start to open the door, ensure the room and place is ready for teachings, prayer sessions and conferences. This normally means coming 30 min before the session starts or when sound set up is done
  • To ensure the room is cleared and tidied before leaving


  • Full time staff or intercessory missionaries are not paid a salary but are required to raise their own financial support.
  • The ministry will provide a support letter to authenticate your fund raising
  • Amount to be raise will be based on individuals’ needs and must be discussed with the director