Intercession with Worship

Intercession with Worship is similar to our Apostolic Intercession in terms of prayer focus.

Click to Download Apostolic Prayer List

Click to Download Apostolic Prayer List

During Intercession with Worship, everyone is welcome to come up to the designated microphone to pray. If you would like to pray on the microphone, come sit in the front row and let the Prayer Leader know what you’d like to pray for.

We encourage everyone to pray from the list of apostolic prayers. We also suggest that you focus your prayer and pray for revival in the city or for the Body of Christ in the nations. When praying on the microphone, you can pray straight through your prayer or pause throughout your prayer to make room for the singers to respond.

Flow of Intercession with Worship and Apostolic Intercession Sessions

  • Corporate Worship (15min)
    • Worshipping God with songs that direct the people in the room to sing to God, and not just about God
    • Spontaneous worship.
  • Intercession with apostolic prayer (10min)
    • Pray through a biblical passage
    • Prophetic singing
  • Repeat worship cycle.
  • Small Group Prayer.