Endorsement for Preparation for the Times

From Mike Bickle (Founder, IHOPKC)

C.S. Lewis once said that pain is God’s “megaphone to rouse a deaf world”. The same has happened to the modern Church: God has been speaking through visible shakings in the natural world, to rouse us to prepare for the increasingly intense time to come.

Over the past seven years, the Lord has spoken to IHOP – One Thing Ministries about the absolute necessity for His people to prepare for the times ahead. More than that, He has clearly spoken that the 2020s is the decade of “preparation for the times”. This bears witness to the verse He has highlighted to me from Isaiah 42:23: “Who among you will give ear to this? Who will listen and hear for the time to come?”

IHOP – One Thing Ministries shares important insights about being spiritually prepared with a “wartime mindset” that is so necessary for this hour and the decade to come. This Preparation for The Times (Intro) online equipping course equips believers to walk in understanding and grace “for such a time as this” (Esth. 4:14–16).

Soldiers who prepare for war go through a rigorous regimen of discipline, training, and strengthening. Similarly, the Lord is calling His people to embrace spiritual preparation in this decade — the school of the Spirit. This online equipping course brings believers through this process.

A combination of both equipping through the Word and empowerment by the Spirit, this course aims to help believers on their journey to become the Daniel 11:32–32 people: those who know God, are strong (in our inner man), do great exploits (supernatural works) and are people of understanding. I encourage and urge you to embark on this course of preparation as we behold the imminent return of the Lord!

Testimonials from Current Students

This course syllabus clearly outlines and provides the framework to equip me – It addresses these questions that I have been pondering and praying about for quite some time: How then shall I live at such a time as this? What and how shall I prepare for the Times?

– Wong Jia Niang

This course is so relevant for the times and I like how it has been curated into a curriculum that makes so much sense. Thank you for doing this! I heard some of this teaching before but I feel that the Holy Spirit is making it come alive now – in 2023 – and giving understanding Himself. So it’s different coming under this same teaching in 2023 vs 2013.

– Edna Koh

This online equipping course helps my family and I to be more spiritually strengthened, devoted to Christ and prepared for the times to come.

– Andrew Wong

The curriculum is very detailed and I can listen a bit, then continue again on the go. I highly recommend this course to believers who would like to embark on their journey of preparation to become the Daniel 11:32–33 people.

– Wallis