Call To Fast | 40-Day Psalm 24 Fast | 1 Jun – 10 Jul 2024

Psalm 24 Fast

2024 is a significant “hinge” year upon which the door of history swings. It is a Sovereign Appointed Time of God when many of God’s prophetic promises are coming into prophetic fulfilment!

2024 is also the Hebrew year of 5784 where the LORD is opening a door for us to enter into our destinies as individuals, as a nation and as a generation! We are entering into a Revelation 4:1 kairos season.

“After these things I looked, and behold, A DOOR standing open in heaven…” (Rev. 4:1).

Truly we are in a season of open doors where the LORD is inviting us to enter into the destiny that He has pre-ordained for us in such a time as this!

However, how the door of history swings will depend on how God’s people respond to Him in this critical hour. As we witness a great convergence and expectancy across the global Body of Christ to contend for and see the breaking in of God’s glory in our time and generation, we are also witnessing the escalating rage of spiritual darkness to resist the move of the Spirit.

Thus, more than ever, now is the time to posture and position ourselves at the place of fasting and prayer (Joel 2:12–17) so that we will be ready to receive the greatest outpouring of the Spirit (Acts 2) in this Isaiah 60:1–3 moment.

The Psalm 2 Crisis demands a Joel 2 Response for an Acts 2 Revival!

If this is truly a “hinge moment”, as a people of light and understanding, we want to contend for the door of history to swing towards the light and glory of God invading our nation and this generation.



We are calling for a 40-day Joel 2 Sacred Assembly to contend for the fulfilment of God’s promises for our nation, this generation and the fullness of Israel.

1 June 2024 – 10 July 2024

Type of Fast
1 to 16 June — Liquid Fast
17 to 19 June — Esther Fast (liquid for those unable to)
20 June to 10 July — Daniel Fast