Historic Transition: The Dawning of a New Era (Isa. 43:18–19) | Word

from Kay-Chong Yeo
6 Sept, 2022

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One of the words that the LORD has been speaking to me over the last 2 years is HISTORIC TRANSITIONAL DECADE. We are truly living in unprecedented times where we are witnessing unprecedented shifts in many arenas and spheres of society. The world that we know and understand today will be drastically different by 2030.

The LORD made it so clear to me over the last 2 months that this is not merely a changing of season but the dawning of a NEW ERA — both in the positive and negative. We are literally stepping into the Isaiah 60:1–3 moment!

Psalm 2 is one of the clearest prophetic scriptures that the Spirit of God is highlighting to forewarn us of where we are heading in the negative! What we will witness in this decade is more than just the decay of values and morality, but the increase of spiritual darkness and resistance to anything that is of God: the rise of antichrist ideologies, the increasing hatred of God, an increased deception through secular and demonic narratives that seek to influence our worldview, the rapid advancement of technologies etc.

What is the end goal? All of the above will lead to the reshaping and redefining of humanity — how humans will look, think, behave, experience, relate, procreate, and perform. It will usher in the beginning of transhumanism! The real issue will no longer be about gender by 2030, but about the definition of humanity!

Daniel 11:32–33 reveals the positive of what the LORD will be doing IN AND THROUGH His people! The Spirit of God is birthing a new move for His people. It will be more than revival but REFORMATION! We will begin to understand and step into our true identity as His EKKLESIA! The heart of God is for the people of God to be made ready for our call in Matthew 16:18–19!

This decade is truly the PREPARATION FOR THE TIMES! There is a requirement to become mature so as to be “qualified” in order to partake of this inheritance of the saints. The key is to become the MATURE SONS OF GOD, EQUALLY-YOKED BRIDE OF CHRIST unto the JOHN 17 GENERATION!

Isaiah 42:23 says this, “Who among you will give ear to THIS? Who will listen and hear for the TIME TO COME?” Wisdom is to understand “the time to come” and “know what to do”!

The Word of the LORD is really to GET REAL (i.e. real, deep & authentic), GET OIL (i.e. Matthew 25:1–13) and GET PREPARED!