The Psalm 23 Table | Prophetic Encounter | 6 Jan 2023

(Kay-Chong Yeo)

I had a prophetic encounter on the night of January 6, 2023. However, I was unsure if it was a dream, vision or trance.


In the encounter, the LORD came to me as the Psalm 23 Shepherd-King with the kingly rod and the shepherd’s staff in His right and left hands respectively. Then He invited me to sit with Him at the Table of the LORD. It was a strange table — a 3-tiered table. Each tier was labelled with a Scripture verse from the lowest tier to the highest tier — Revelation 3:20, Jeremiah 23:18 and Psalm 23:5.

As I sat at the Table with the LORD opposite me, there was a huge swirl of wind and a storm around the Table. But I was filled with peace, joy and rest whenever I focused on YHWH Ra’ah on the other side of the Table! The LORD exhorted me not to be troubled by the swirling winds and storms but to focus on Him who is more than able to lead as the great Leader and guide as the good Shepherd!

Then the LORD reminded and exhorted me to hold on to the prophetic dream given on April 6, 2021 and the open vision given on January 6, 2022. Together with the Psalm 23 Table, we shall be made ready for the Dawning of the New Era in the midst of the Isaiah 60:2 darkness.

On April 6, 2021, I had a prophetic dream where the LORD showed me the importance of coming before the Table of the LORD where He is going to feast with us. It was the Revelation 3:20 Table. There was a book on the Table. Three key passages came forth from the book when the wind of the Holy Spirit blew on the book.

bible pgs flipping_sm

They were: Revelation 2 and 3 — the Seven Letters to the Seven Churches, Matthew 5 to 7 — the Sermon on the Mount, and John 13 to 17 — the Upper Room Discourse. All three passages are key passages that Jesus is going to “feed” us with at the Table of communion and intimacy, so that we are prepared and arise as the mature sons of God, equally yoked Bride of Christ unto the John 17 generation.

The Revelation 3:20 Table prophetic dream primarily focused on coming before the Revelation 3:20 Table of the LORD, which is the Table of Intimacy. To have real, deep and authentic history and intimacy with Jesus is absolutely essential in the coming decade!

On January 6, 2022, I had an open vision which primarily focused on Jeremiah 23:18. It was about the divine summons to come before the Table of the LORD for an Audience with the King. It is for the receiving of His divine orders, strategies and battle plans for the battle that is to come! Jesus will Himself personally bring us to stand before His presence and impart to us His orders from heaven, which will empower us to be ready.

The Jeremiah 23:18 Table of Counsel is where Jesus as the King is going to give us divine orders so we can partner with Him as the Matthew 16 Ekklesia in this crucial time.

door hinge

The LORD then said to me that 2023 is a “tipping point” year and a “hinge” year. The direction in which the door of history swings is determined by how we respond in intercession, declaration and decreeing that are aligned with His plan and purposes in this Historic Transitional Decade.

Jesus, who is the Commander of the Army will give us divine orders as He promised in the Jeremiah 23:18 Hour open vision (January 6, 2022).

Psalm 23 will be a critical passage of Scripture. The LORD will bring us to the Psalm 23 Table in the midst of our enemies — increasing darkness as well as the rise of global evil. Sitting at the Psalm 23 Table will be crucial. The Psalm 23 Table is also the Table of the good Shepherd (i.e. YHWH Ra’ah) and the great Leader (i.e. YHWH Nissi) who will lead us unto triumphant procession.

When we sit at the Psalm 23 Table, we are no longer consumed with the swirling winds and storms around the table, but with the good Shepherd and the great Leader who is seated on the other side of the Table!

At the Psalm 23 Table, Jesus is also coming as the King-Breaker of Micah 2:13 where He is going to break open for His people to walk into the fullness of our destiny as the John 17 Generation. He is giving the breaker-rod and the shepherd-staff to His prepared Ekklesia who will break open for the corporate Body of Christ among nations, in order for His Body to break out and walk into fullness of His plan and promises — the emergence of the John 17 Generation.

At the Revelation 3:20 Table, Jesus will give us the book.
At the Jeremiah 23:18 Table, Jesus will give us divine orders.
At the Psalm 23:5 Table, Jesus will give us the rod and the staff.


This is the breaker’s rod of Micah 2:13 and with it we will break open so many will walk into the new era and into the plan of God that He has for us, which is Revelation, Revolution and Reformation. This is where the Millennials, Gen Zs and Gen Alphas will arise as the John 17 generation.

In this tipping-point and hinge year, the LORD as the Psalm 23 Shepherd will bring us before the Psalm 23 Table in the midst of darkness and enemies. As we focus on Him, He will give us the breaker-rod and the shepherd-staff (i.e. Micah 2:13 rod) which we will use to break open so that many more will come forth.

(Note: I did a prophetic teaching on Psalm 23 on January 27, 2023)