IMMERSE Internship

The IMMERSE INTERNSHIP is a one-month full-time program that provides an experience as an intercessory missionary in the context and environment of a House of Prayer in Singapore. The Internship is uniquely designed to help interns become people of One Thing: those who partner with Jesus to fulfill the Great Commission from the position of intimacy with Jesus at the place of prayer.

Interns will:

  1. ENCOUNTER Jesus
    Worshipping Jesus and praying for the release of God’s justice and His Kingdom purposes in the prayer room.
  2. Be EMPOWERED to be His voice
    Growing in the Forerunner Messages through biblical teaching, small group discussion and spiritual mentoring.
  3. ENGAGE in the Great Commission
    Doing works of justice, evangelizing the lost and ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Why IMMERSE Internship?

We are living in the generation of Jesus’ imminent return! The Lord is returning for a Bride who is filled with holy passion for Him and who enjoys mature partnership with Him in worship and intercession, for gathering in the harvest and establishing justice in the nations (Rev. 22:17; Luke 18:7-8).

Thus, the great need of this hour is for the First Commandment to be restored to first place in the heart of believers (Matt. 22:37-38) and for people who understand the heart of God to be His voice to prepare the Church (1 Chron. 12:32).

God’s redemptive promise for this generation is to raise up shepherds after His own heart, as a gift to the Body of Christ, to proclaim the beauty of Jesus as the Bridegroom, King and Judge (Jer. 3:15). The Holy Spirit is raising up this David generation who have burning hearts for Jesus, carry the forerunner spirit and minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. They will arise from the place of prayer as His voice to awaken their generation to passion for Jesus in every arena – schools, campuses, marketplace, local churches, etc.

However, it is not enough to simply hear the call. Many have said “yes” to the invitation but not many have lived it out. The “yes” in the heart must be combined with a sincere response and real preparation through personal encounter in the place of prayer, a growth in depth and knowledge of the Word, and spiritual mentorship and impartation.

Who should attend

  1. Worship leaders, musicians and singers who desire to minister to the Lord and encounter His heart for a season;
  2. Those who desire a short-term exposure to what the House of Prayer is about;
  3. Those who desire to be prepared to be the prophetic Davidic generation;
  4. Those who simply desire to grow in passion for Jesus and to know His heart.


I think the whole internship provided a very good environment for me to shut myself up from the noise of this world and just come before God to seek Him, hear Him and enjoy His presence. I felt it was quite precious to encounter God daily… God has drawn me deeper in terms of understanding who He is and who am I in His eyes.

- Josephine Ho (June 2017)

Firstly, I have come to learn that prayer can be enjoyable and how prayer is not just about asking God for the things that I want in my life, but is also about asking God what is the very thing that He wants me to pray for.

Through this internship, I have also managed to dive deep into the nature and character of God. In the past, I used to think that God was always upset or angry at me because of my sins, because of my shortcomings. But I have come to learn that God is very tender and patient towards me… and how He is never surprised by my weaknesses.

- Kimberly Lim (June 2017)