Positioning Ourselves for 2019


Dear Beloved,

In September 2018, on our 15th Anniversary as a House of Prayer, the LORD spoke very clearly to us on the need for ALIGNMENT in 2019. As I reflect on this Word and what the LORD has been speaking to us over the past 10 years, it is obvious that He was preparing us for shifts in the House of Prayer movement and in the world.

The SHIFT is here!

There has been an obvious seismic shift for the worse in the world; yet it is a new era for the global House of Prayer movement! IHOP 2.0 is here!

In the light of this divine shift, it is crucial for us to ALIGN ourselves with the shift of God. It is not an option but an imperative for us to radically align ourselves with the heart, ways and will of God so as to position ourselves to move with Him!

For extreme times require extreme measures. Minor adjustments and incremental changes will not suffice anymore.

Radical ALIGNMENT is required!

The LORD also spoke very clearly to me about the need to downsize and dial down in order to hear Him clearly. Over the years, many may have allowed things in their lives to distract and crowd out the main thing – the One Thing that is needed.

This is a time to RESET!

A “reset” is not about finding something new to do, but about returning to the original call that the LORD has for us. This is really a season for us to return to the centrality of Jesus as our magnificent obsession!

The Word of the LORD for 2019 is – SHIFT :: ALIGN :: RESET.

This is the focus of our upcoming 15-Day fast (December 31, 2018 – January 14, 2019) – to understand the SHIFT with greater clarity; to ask God for grace and wisdom to ALIGN ourselves in accordance to the heart, will and ways of God; to RESET to the One Thing.

Let us set aside these 15 days for a season of sacred assemblies. We come with confidence, faith and expectation that the LORD who is zealous and relentless for our fullness will break into our midst when we seek Him seriously and sincerely.

With faith and great expectation,

Join us as we press in together!

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