The Heart Behind the Hosea 10:12 Daniel Fast (Oct to Dec 2019)

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In September 2019, as we were completing our 16th year of standing, burning and ministering before the LORD as a House of Prayer, the Word of the LORD came very clearly to us that He is inviting us into a NEW BEGINNING, NEW NORMAL and DIVINE UPGRADE.

As a result of these Words, the Holy Spirit is stirring my heart to make room to hear Him more, to understand in a greater measure what He has invited us into, and to contend for His promises for the coming season.

To this end, I am calling for a three-month Hosea 10:12 Daniel Fast where we want to intensively and intentionally seek God for the reality and specificity of this New Beginning, New Normal and Divine Upgrade that Jesus has invited our House to enter into. We do not want to be passive or casual with His Word but we want to further position and posture our hearts to receive what He so desires to release to us in the coming season.

As a House, we want to RESET TO GOD’S STORYLINE for us. We refuse any other storyline. We refuse the secular narrative. We refuse to live life business-as-usual in these unusual hours of human history.

More than that, we want to REACH FOR GOD’S FULLNESS for this House and for our generation. We refuse to be denied the fullness of His prophetic destiny. We refuse to fall short of what He has in store for us.

This will be a time where we want to trim our lamps, get fresh oil, return to the centrality of Jesus as our Magnificent Obsession, and re-visit the prophetic mandate and promises that He has invited us into since 1989.

To reset simply means that we are giving the Holy Spirit permission to disrupt our routine so that we throw ourselves into more wholehearted love than ever before. We want to re-align to the storyline that He has for us because these are truly momentous days, and the best is definitely yet to come.

We are nearing the greatest revolution in human history – the eschatological revolution of Jesus. It happens only one time, one generation, and it is OUR MOMENT! I certainly do not want to be found wanting when it arrives.


Kay-Chong Yeo
Director, IHOP-One Thing Ministries


Repair the Broken Altars - God’s Word to us in late November 2019 as we fasted and prayed. (Click to read.)


Prayer Room Schedule – We welcome you to join us in the prayer room as we engage our hearts with God to reset to His storyline and enter into a new beginning with Him.

October 2019
Global Bridegroom Fast: 7 – 9 Oct
Daniel Fast: Thurs – Sun Every Week

November 2019
Global Bridegroom Fast: 4 – 6 Nov
Daniel Fast: Thurs – Sun Every Week

December 2019
7-day Global Bridegroom Fast: 1 – 7 Dec
Daniel Fast: 8 – 21 Dec
10-day Fast: 22 – 31 Dec