The Word of the Lord for 2022

lifting weights

Behold, I am doing a new thing. The stage is set for a decade of historic and unprecedented transitions. For you are standing on the crest of the wave of My move of the Spirit where many of My prophetic promises for your generation are about to actualize. For many have persevered in delay but now is the season to persevere in intensity. It will be the most glorious yet most challenging time, according to My biblical End-Time narrative, that I have pre-ordained for your generation.

Have I not spoken? Have I not made known to you? Shall you not see it?

Do not fear, for I am with you! Do not quit, for My grace is sufficient for you! I, the LORD of Hosts, am inviting you to be the burning and the shining lamps for such a time as this. You shall be My vessels of peace and joy in these troubled times. You shall be My conduits of light and hope to a desperate and darkened world. This is an invitation unto a privileged position of partnering with a King.

Will you say “yes” to a season of preparation unto commission?

I am summoning you to embrace a season of Preparation for the Times! Now is the Kairos moment to engage Me in vigorous training. Now is the critical hour to cultivate absolute confidence and relentless trust in My leadership that is necessary for the time yet to come. It is in having deep confidence in My leadership, standing upon My Word and having clarity in My End-Time narrative that will stabilize your heart and strengthen your feet in a world that will be filled with temptation, confusion, fear, deception and an unprecedented level of spiritual darkness. For I am drawing you into a season of hiddenness and into My school of the Spirit in the place of wilderness so that you may acquire divine strength, godly character and the fear of the Lord!

Do not say that you still have time or that this is not the time! Do not be casual but be intentional!

This is not the time to neglect the buying of “oil”. Have I not instructed you? This is not the time to be dulled in the spirit. Have I not alerted you? Because I love you, I have caused a divine disruption so as to create an urgency for the necessity to cultivate sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Have you not understood? Take heed of the Zechariah 4 eschatological promise as well as the warning of “not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit”. It is wisdom to fine­-tune your spiritual signal-to-noise ratio unto the frequency of the Holy Spirit. For the Helper has come. His desires to bring forth a new normal and a divine upgrade unto Acts 2.0. Come up higher with Me! For it is My desire for you to see and to intercede from the position of My heavenly Throne.

Will you give ear, listen and hear My heart? Will you choose the act of extravagant devotion?

This is the time to lay aside every wrong mindset that ensnares you and to throw off everything that weighs you down. Surely I will lead and direct you with My righteous right hand. For I am gracious and it is My gentleness that will make you great. If you would yield completely and abandon yourself unreservedly to Me, I will refine your character like gold and silver. I will also give you a new heart and a new name. Have I not promised you a divine injection, instruction and impartation unto a divine upgrade?

Come, follow Me! Take up the cross and choose the narrow path! Embrace My storyline and engage My heart! Be led by My Holy Spirit and be grounded in My Word! This is the time to give thanks and let your praise arise before Me. Surely you shall enter into all My promises for you. For My leadership is sure and My plan is certain!