Build the Fire on the Altar | More Info

Who is This Invitation For?

Worship Leaders who are able to lead with an instrument (guitar or keyboard)

— Guitarists (acoustic and electric)
— Keyboardists
— Bassists
— Drummers
— Synth players




What Are We Inviting You To?

As this is more than just an invitation to serve in the place of prayer and worship, your 12 months with us will also include equipping to become a person of One Thing (Ps. 27:4), to be made ready as the Daniel 11:32–33 people, and from there to partner with God in the place of prayer and worship.

During these 12 months, you will be challenged to cultivate a lifestyle of prayer, time in the Word, growing deep in key Biblical messages, assembling for corporate prayer, and fasting.

Besides serving on your instrument in the prayer room, there will also be teaching materials provided for self-study, and times of gathering for conversation and dialogue that are meant to spur you towards loving Jesus, knowing Him, and growing strength in character and values.

If this has stirred your heart, we invite you to register your interest to journey and build God’s House with us!




1. Will there be an audition?
Yes, there will be an audition to gauge the skill level of those who desire to journey with us. You can either submit a video audition or arrange for an in-person audition at our premises. (Please indicate when you register your interest.)

2. After I register my interest, what is the process?
We will contact you and arrange a face-to-face meet-up to get to know you more, or arrange for an informational session should there be groups or teams who would like to build with us.

3. What are the key Biblical messages that I will grow in?
These are messages that are meant to start you on your journey of becoming the Daniel 11:32–33 person, and include the following:

    • Intimacy with God
    • The First and Great Commandment
    • A Living Understanding of the End Times
    • Understanding Israel
    • The Song of Songs
    • The IHOP Lifestyle
    • The People of One Thing
    • The Word of the Lord for the Hour
    • The House of Prayer in the Spirit of the Tabernacle of David
    • The Upper Room Discourse (John 13–17)
    • The Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5–7)
    • The 7 Letters to the 7 Churches (Rev. 2–3)

4. How often will I be serving in the prayer room and meeting for conversations?
We are looking at a commitment of an average of 4 times every month (or once per week), whether for dialogue or to play in our prayer room sessions.

This will work out to an average of serving once a month, engaging in prayer in the prayer room once a month, and gathering twice a month for conversation and dialogue.

The reason for this frequency is to facilitate your growth of knowing Him, gaining strength, understanding His heart, and partnering with Him. If this is something that has stirred your heart, we encourage you to make time for this journey!

5. What if I want to build God’s House and embark on this journey but am unable to commit to 4 times a month?
We still invite you to register your interest with us and bring this up when we meet with you for further dialogue.

6. Why is this a 12-month journey and not for a shorter span of time (like 6 months)?
This is neither a programme nor a strategy, but a journey of growing to become the kind of person God is looking for as you respond to what God desires in this hour.

Growth in the Word, in knowing God, and in prayer and worship in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David will take time.

In fact, this 12-month journey is simply a start in your growth to become a person of one thing and the Daniel 11:32–33 person!

7. Is this a worship school?
No, it is not. We do not teach people how to play musical instruments or sing, but are inviting those who already have some basic skills and musicianship.

8. Will I have to leave my church community during this time?
No, we have kept Sunday mornings free for everyone to attend their services at their home church.