Apostolic Intercession

Apostolic Intercession focuses on praying for revival for the city and for the Body of Christ in the nations. Majority of the prayers prayed will be Apostolic Prayers from the New Testament. There are about 25 – 30 NT apostolic prayers.

Click to Download Apostolic Prayer List

Click to Download Apostolic Prayer List

During the apostolic intercessory session, everyone is welcome to come up to the designated microphone to pray. If you would like to pray on the microphone, come sit in the front row and let the Prayer Leader know what you’d like to pray for.

In the apostolic intercessory sessions, we encourage everyone to pray from the list of apostolic prayers (refer to point 4 below in this page). We also suggest that you focus your prayer and pray for revival in the city or for the Body of Christ in the nations. When praying on the microphone, you can pray straight through your prayer or pause throughout your prayer to make room for the singers to respond.

Other possible prayer themes include: intercession for the sick and for Israel. See more prayer themes here.

Outline of Apostolic Intercession Cycle

  • Corporate Worship (15min)
    • Worshipping God with songs that direct the people in the room to sing to God, and not just about God
    • Spontaneous worship.
  • Intercession with apostolic prayer (10min)
    • Pray through a biblical passage
    • Develop a theme through a biblical text – e.g. praying for the Church, for nations, etc.
    • Prophetic singing
    • Praying in the Spirit.
  • Repeat worship cycle.
  • Small Group Prayer.

Apostolic Prayers

  1. Apostolic prayers are prayers that the apostles prayed which have been recorded in the NT (New Testament). The chief apostle is Jesus and these apostolic prayers are God’s very prayers.

  2. Apostolic prayers focus on releasing God’s grace instead of hindering or removing negative realities like sin or demons. There is a positive focus on the impartation of good instead of a negative focus on removing the realities of sin.

  3. There is a place for “negative” dimensions of prayer that target confessing, resisting and renouncing the realities of the world, flesh and devil. But they are not the major focus of the NT model of praying. We embrace the negative dimension of confronting sin as based on the confession model of identification repentance used in Scripture by Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, etc. Corporate confession of our fathers’ historical sin is a part of biblical praying, but we must employ this dimension of prayer with the leading of the Holy Spirit instead of just doing it automatically by routine.

  4. There are about 25 – 30 NT apostolic prayers.

    Click to Download Apostolic Prayer List

    Click to Download Apostolic Prayer List

  5. Characteristics of apostolic prayers:
    1. Apostolic prayers are God-ward prayers. Essentially, it is God-centered spiritual warfare.

    2. Apostolic prayers are focused prayers for the Body of Christ in the city.

    3. Apostolic prayers awaken love – loving the LORD, loving the Church, loving the harvest. We fall in love with whoever we pray for.

    4. Apostolic prayers are essential in helping us to be grounded in the truth so as to operate in faith.

    5. Apostolic prayers are guaranteed prayers. They are prayers that burn in the heart of God! They are like cheques that are already signed. They are waiting for a co-signer on the earth.