Information for Parents with Accompanying Children

We believe that children can engage the LORD in worship and intercession at the House of Prayer and we encourage children to participate together with adults.

Therefore, if you plan to bring children to the House, prepare them by explaining to them what the House of Prayer is about, what they can expect, and how they can participate in worship and intercession.

The House of Prayer is a resting place of God (Isa. 66:1–2) where He is the centre and focus of our gatherings. Each time we gather, our primary activities are to minister unto the LORD in worship and to stand with Him in intercession.

Our heart is to ensure an environment where the Lord is revered and an atmosphere where we can engage Him both individually and corporately.

Therefore, we want to be mindful of our actions and speech when we are in the House. Thus, all conversations are to be kept outside of the House during sessions, and our actions should not distract others.

Here are our House Rules to help you know what to expect when you come and to help you to better decide if you should bring your child to the Prayer Room.

House Rules for Children

We want to honour God and glorify God in everything. Hence, we have put these guidelines and rules in place to help facilitate this. We seek the kind understanding of parents or guardians to follow these guidelines:

  1. As we seek to revere God in this place, the following activities are not permitted in the prayer room: shouting, running, and playing of toys or mobile devices.
  2. Parents should sit next to the child to oversee the child. Do be mindful not to engage in conversations with the child as this will be a distraction to others in the room. Short reminders to help manage them are fine, but longer conversations to teach them about God or what they are reading should not be done during a prayer session.
  3. As some children may not be able to engage throughout the two-hour session, please watch over them and actively manage them. If they get restless, kindly bring them outside the prayer room.
  4. Children can sleep on their parents’ laps or on the seat next to the parents leaning in on their parents. However, children are not allowed to lie down on multiple chairs or lie down on the carpet.
  5. There should be no eating or drinking in the prayer room, except plain water. For babies, with the exception of breastfeeding, bottled milk should be drunk outside of the house. This is to avoid spillage on the carpets and chairs.
  6. Areas to avoid: The stage, musical instruments and the soundboard are solely for the intercessory team or persons on duty. The area near the communion table is also to be avoided.
  7. Secular books should not be read during the sessions. Biblical storybooks can be read for the purpose of engaging God, i.e. when they come to the Prayer Room, we want them to know that they are here to meet God and to talk to Him. Thus Biblical storybooks would be tools for the purpose of talking to Him, and for them to meet with God. We encourage children to begin reading the Bible as soon as they are able and they can do so in the prayer room to engage with Him.

We seek the kind understanding of parents or guardians to follow these guidelines. Thank you for your kind cooperation. We hope you will have a blessed time here!