Entering into the Rev. 3:20 Moment (Part 2)

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Kay-Chong received another dream from the Lord on 6th April 2021. This dream really brings such clarity regarding God’s heart and what the Rev. 3:20 moment is about. Here is the dream:

“A door was opened and I was taken in my spirit to the Table of the LORD (Song 2:4–7) where I dined with Jesus. It was also the Revelation 3:20 Table! (This is an invitation to whoever will zealously open the “door” of our hearts to Jesus.) 

As I was at the Table, Jesus instructed me to take time to feast at His Table in order to have strength for what is to come, for this is required to enter into His invitation in this divine moment. The LORD insisted that I should pay utmost attention to Listening and Dialoguing with Him. (Both are the keys to grow deep in the LORD: the “Isaiah 55:1–3 listening” and the “John 15 abiding”.) 

Suddenly the wind of the Spirit blew on a book on the Table. A few titles came forth – Zechariah 3–4, John 14–17, Revelation 1–5, etc. It was so swift that I could not lay hold of all of them, but I knew that they were the passages of Scripture that the Holy Spirit is highlighting and emphasizing. 

The LORD spoke, “Come, listen carefully to Me, eat what is good, incline your ear to Me and hear! Abide in Me and let these Words abide in you!” Then I was given a lamp that was filled with oil! Before I realized, I was taken in the spirit and was transported with the burning and shining lamp to many places with many people. The people looked weary, weak, beaten, run-down, oppressed, etc. (Very much like Matthew 9:35–38) 

I was instructed by the Spirit to attach the lamp onto my back. Then I led them to a grand palace with many Tables of the LORD where the people were fed. The people became strong and arose as an army in white garments, shining like stars. 

Immediately I was taken in the spirit to another place but the lamp was nowhere to be found. I panicked and began to search frantically… Then a voice spoke so clearly and distinctly with authority to me: “Kay-Chong, do not focus on the lamp on the outside. I am giving you the light now as you diligently buy oil. It is what is inside and what is internal that matters. 

You have to be real, deep and authentic in your walk with Me. I AM increasing the fire and the glory in you IF you would consistently and diligently sit with Me at My Table and feast with Me. I AM giving you gold, godliness and glory. 

This is the Revelation 3:20 moment! This is the Kairos moment to HEAR, to OPEN the door, to fellowship and feast with Me. 

You will arise as the burning and shining lamp IF you would abide! ……” I was awakened after the loud voice declared the above. “Arise, shine, for your light has come! And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; but the LORD will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you. The Gentiles shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising.” I woke up with these words lingering over me…”


Indeed, the Lord is declaring and trumpeting to the Body of Christ that the coming decade is about the Rev. 3:20 moment. It is about the preparation of our inner life as we focus on acquiring the oil of intimacy with the Lord.

This is the Kairos hour. The Lord wants us to open our hearts fully so that He can come in and dine with us. He is bringing with Him treasures of gold and a great feast. These treasures will equip our hearts with deep intimacy and union with the Lord so that we have confidence. They will empower us with divine strength to prevail and to overcome the challenges of the coming storm, and set us free from the Laodicean spirit of lukewarmness that dulls our heart and kills the vibrancy in our spirit.

The Lord counsels us in Rev. 3:18 to buy gold from Him. What does “buying gold” mean? Is money required to buy gold from Jesus? Evidently not, because Isa. 55:1 exhorts us to come buy wine and milk without money and without price.

Buying gold from the Lord is describing a God-ordained process of engaging Him so as to acquire a deep relationship with Him. Jesus uses the word “buy” because we have to invest of ourselves in order to position ourselves to receive true riches from Him.

It is primarily about taking time to hear from the Lord and to talk with Him.

Two key passages that talk about this are Isa. 55:1–3 and John 15:1–8. The John 15 abiding is primarily about engaging the Lord by speaking with Him. Isa. 55:2–3 tells us about listening carefully to the Lord and hearing from Him that our soul may live.

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What do we talk with the Lord about? Primarily we want to use the Word of God to talk with and hear from Him. What we do practically is this — we come before the presence of the Lord, open up His Word and let it speak to us. As the Word touches our heart, we then use it to talk to the Lord in His presence. Over time, as we faithfully do so, we will be transformed into His likeness.

In Jewish culture, eating at the same table with others is about developing deep, meaningful and intimate relationships. This cannot be hurried. It is at the table that we discover who the Lord is and who we are.

There are ten passages of Scripture which the Holy Spirit is highlighting for the Body of Christ to use to engage Him in this process. These are vital passages the Lord is using to prepare His Church:

1. Matthew 24 —  This is the backbone of understanding the End Times. This chapter gives us a clear narrative of the End-Time Storyline of God, and the increasing troubles that are coming in the next few decades;

2. Psalm 2 — The political crisis at the End of the Age;

3. Isaiah 19 — The Epicentre at the End of the Age and the things that will happen;

4. Daniel 11 and 12 — What God will do in and through His people;

5. John 13 to 17 — God’s invitation to participate in the deepest level of intimacy found in the relationship within the Trinitarian God;

6. Isaiah 60:1–3 — The coming crisis and glory;

7. Zechariah 3 and 4 — The grace that is necessary for the coming crisis;

8. Haggai 2:4–9 — The End-Time shakings of God;

9. Hebrews 12:25–29 — The End-Time shakings of God;

10. Revelation 1 – 5, 19 — Who is Jesus and what is on His heart.


If we will faithfully engage the Lord in these ten passages for the next ten years, God will bring forth spiritual strength and maturity in nine areas of our lives:

  1. Spiritual strength (Luke 21:36)
  2. Godliness
  3. History with the Lord (Psalm 145:4–7)
  4. Confidence in Jesus’ leadership (Psalm 27)
  5. Intimacy with Jesus (Matt 25:1–13)
  6. Walking with the Spirit, being empowered by Spirit
  7. Clarity and conviction in God’s End-Time narrative
  8. Vibrancy in the spirit – walking out the Sermon on the Mount lifestyle (Matt. 5 – 7) is key to us having vibrant hearts
  9. Depth and authority in our prayer life 

It is Lou Engle who said, “There are moments in history when a door for massive change opens, and great revolutions for good or evil spring up in the vacuum created by these openings. In these divine moments key men and women and even entire generations risk everything to become the hinge of history, the pivotal point that determines which way the door will swing.” [1]

This is the time. This is the moment. This is the hour!

We are that generation!

Will we be the men and women who say “Yes” to God’s season of preparation, the Rev. 3:20 moment? Let us do so and arise to be the ones who will enter into the fullness of glory which He has preordained for us!


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[1] Lou Engle, The Call of the Elijah Revolution (ed. Destiny Image Publishers, 2011)