The Luke 4:18 Season

Kay-Chong Yeo
15 June 2023

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As I waited before the LORD in prayer this morning, He spoke to me clearly about the prophetic dream I had on February 21, 2018 and the Luke 4:18 season!

On February 21, 2018, I had a prophetic dream. In the dream, I was running alone in a very dark night. I understood in my spirit that this was the Isaiah 60:2 deep darkness. I found it very difficult in my run and I was about to quit.

Suddenly, a faceless Man (i.e. the Holy Spirt) came beside me and put His hand around my shoulder. He spoke clearly to me, “Do not be afraid! I AM here to help you!”

Immediately, peace, joy and strength filled my inner man. More than just being able to continue my run, I ran faster, with fire and light radiating from within!

When I woke up from the dream, I was shaking because the presence of the Spirit was so real and obvious. Instantly I understood that this dream was about walking with and being led by the Person of the Holy Spirit!

As I was pondering over the significance of the Luke 4:18 season, it began to dawn on me that the historic breaking in of the Spirit in this season is more than just receiving the power and anointing of the Holy Spirt, but the resting of the Isaiah 11 sevenfold Spirit of the LORD upon us, just as the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus as a dove during His baptism.

There is a difference between being anointed by the Spirit with power vs. the Spirit of the LORD resting on us (i.e. Isaiah 11:2; 61:1; Luke 4:18). One is being anointed with power and the other is walking so intimately with the Spirit because our life is in total alignment with God. (Note: the dove is a sensitive bird that is easily “frightened” away.)

When the Spirit of the LORD rests on us, we are surrounded by the seven eyes of God (which is the Isaiah 11 sevenfold Spirit). Jesus Himself is endued with the seven eyes of the Spirit (Rev. 5:7) and He operates under His intimate relationship with the Spirit. When we are surrounded by the seven eyes of the Spirit, we will have no blindside!

In December 2000, Chuck Pierce and Barbara Wentroble prophesied on me that there will come a season when I will be surrounded by the eyes of the LORD — I will have no blindside! This is not just a word for me but for the Body of Christ in this Luke 4:18 season!

1 John 2:20 says, “But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and you know all things.” Then in verse 27, “but the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do not need that anyone teach you…”

This anointing is more than just empowerment but about our walking with the Isaiah 11 sevenfold Spirit of God! That is when the corporate Body of Christ becomes mature as mentioned in Ephesians 4:13 and Romans 8:14, 19, 22!

I said that 2023 will be a tipping point year! We can settle for the status quo, be content with what we have, or seek the fullness of the Isaiah 11 fullness of Spirit in this Luke 4:18 season! I also said that the LORD will bring forth a spiritual revolution and spiritual reformation by the end of this decade. This is about being endued with the Isaiah 11 sevenfold Spirit of God!

Luke 4:21 sets the prophetic moment for the Luke 4:18 season. Jesus said, “Today this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.” Prophetically we are at the “Jordan River” of the promise of the historic breaking in of the Spirit. Just as the rain came on August 23, 1983 to assure that the LORD will break in with His Spirit, we are entering into the Sovereign Appointed Time of God!