Arising of the Authentic Friends of Jesus (John 15:14–15) | 18 Nov 2022 | Friday Teaching

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The Antichrist (Rev. 13:1–10), Part 1 | Unravelling Revelation Study Series | Session 42 (Part 1)

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Historic Transition: The Dawning of a New Era (Isa. 43:18–19) | Word

from Kay-Chong Yeo
6 Sept, 2022

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One of the words that the LORD has been speaking to me over the last 2 years is HISTORIC TRANSITIONAL DECADE. We are truly living in unprecedented times where we are witnessing unprecedented shifts in many arenas and spheres of society. The world that we know and understand today will be drastically different by 2030.

The LORD made it so clear to me over the last 2 months that this is not merely a changing of season but the dawning of a NEW ERA — both in the positive and negative. We are literally stepping into the Isaiah 60:1–3 moment!

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A 3-Part Conversation on Preparation for the Times

In this 3-part series, we talk about the significance of the words that the Lord had spoken to us over the last 5–6 years regarding what He was going to do, and where we now stand at the start of this decade.

Part 1

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The Necessity to Endure Sound Doctrine as We Approach the End of the Age | Article

by Luke Lim

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29 March 2022 marked the shift of COVID-19 as “pandemic” to “endemic” in Singapore when for the first time in two years, we had the option of not wearing masks outdoors. As we emerge from this 2-year disruption and enter into a new normal of living, we need to ask the question, “What has the Lord been saying through this disruption? How do we now live as believers in this new normal?”

One of the key passages that God is highlighting to the global body of Christ through the pandemic for this next season is Jesus’ Seven Letters to the Seven Churches in Revelation 2 and 3.

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What Has God Been Saying? | Prophetic Words, Dreams, & Visions for Such a Time As This

Words + Calls to Fast

God has not been silent. Looking back, He has been speaking and leading us through His Word and Spirit with His sure mercies.

May we stand in awe of His graciousness and take heed of all that He has spoken for this season of preparation for the times.

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The Word of the Lord for 2022

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Behold, I am doing a new thing. The stage is set for a decade of historic and unprecedented transitions. For you are standing on the crest of the wave of My move of the Spirit where many of My prophetic promises for your generation are about to actualize. For many have persevered in delay but now is the season to persevere in intensity. It will be the most glorious yet most challenging time, according to My biblical End-Time narrative, that I have pre-ordained for your generation.

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A word from Kay-Chong Yeo

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The LORD made it clear that we are standing in a HISTORIC TRANSITIONAL DECADE!

…For we are stepping into the Isaiah 60 PROPHETIC MOMENT where we can expect revival, spiritual breakthrough, encounters and prophetic promises breaking forth at almost incomprehensible levels.

Yet there will be a simultaneous increase and escalation of cultural and moral decay, spiritual darkness, uncertainty and challenges on political, social, economical, and environmental fronts etc.

With all these in mind, we can certainly still be full of confidence.

Our confidence is in Jesus who is the First and the Last, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Author and Perfecter of our faith, who is our ANSWER and HOPE! If we lean into Jesus, on His terms, these are truly historic days and will be the finest hours for the Church of Jesus Christ!

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Entering into the Rev. 3:20 Moment

by Caleb Yap

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The year was December 2015.

Kay-Chong, the director of International House of Prayer — One Thing Ministries, had just woken up from a vivid and intense dream.

In the dream, a strong voice thundered, “Storm is coming!”

The same statement was spoken three times. This was followed by,

“It will not get better. But you can grow stronger. You can burn hotter. You can shine brighter.”

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