WOTL VI: 2 Timothy 1:7 — Grace to Hold the Line | 16 Feb 2024 | Friday Teaching

Introductory Series on Understanding Israel | Session 14: The Future Political Signs of the Times Pertaining to Israel

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A Call To Crown Jesus As King on Chinese New Year’s Eve

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We are calling all Chinese believers in Singapore and Asia to gather together, partake communion, and crown Jesus as King on Friday, 9 February 2024, on Chinese New Year’s Eve at 11pm (SGT).


February 9 is Rosh Chodesh Adar — the beginning of the Biblical month of Adar, when ancient Israel would crown new kings. This is a month of crowning.

February 10 rings in the Chinese Lunar New Year and marks the beginning of the year of the dragon.

In the midst of this highly significant time, we want to redeem the Chinese from our belief as being “龙的传人” (descendants of the dragon) to “天父的儿女” (sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father).

Thus, we are calling all Chinese (and oriental) believers to make a stand and dedicate ourselves to Jesus and crown Him as King over all.


Gather as a household** on February 9 at 11pm (SGT):

  1. To dedicate our lives to Jesus as King
  2. Crown Jesus as King over our lives, families, ministries, churches, nation and this generation.
  3. Enthrone Jesus as King in worship
  4. Partake holy communion
  5. Declare Psalm 24:1–2.

**If your family are unbelievers, you can gather together with other believers.

Resources to Pray for Israel | Hephzibah

Israel PT Hephzibah

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Journey with Us | Build the Fire on the Altar

Build the Fire
In this Isaiah 60:1–3 hour of escalating darkness and increasing glory, we are calling singers, musicians, worship leaders and intercessors to give a season of their lives to build the House of God and grow into becoming the Daniel 11:32–33 people.

We invite you to journey with us for 12 months to strengthen and establish an altar of worship and intercession in Singapore for the worthiness of Jesus and for the urgency of the hour. The hour has never been more urgent for the continuous fire of intercession to arise before His throne. It is the only answer for what is to come and more than that, this is the key that will usher in God’s fullness for His people and the nations at the End of the Age.

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Epilogue — Where are we now? Where are we heading? (Matthew 24 & Psalm 2) | Unravelling Revelation Study Series | Session 60

Unravelling Revelation Session 60 Cover

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The Importance of Aligning to God’s Heart for Israel | Article

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As we witness the events unfolding in the current Israel-Hamas war, there is a tendency to take sides according to our worldview of events. However, this issue goes beyond who is right and who is wrong; we need to put on the Biblical lens to understand what God wants us to do as Gentile believers. In short, we cannot interpret the Bible based on current events in Israel; we need to interpret what is happening in Israel using the Bible.

As Gentile believers, there are seven non-negotiables that we need to understand and align to when it comes to the issue of Israel.

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The Luke 4:18 Season

Kay-Chong Yeo
15 June 2023

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As I waited before the LORD in prayer this morning, He spoke to me clearly about the prophetic dream I had on February 21, 2018 and the Luke 4:18 season!

On February 21, 2018, I had a prophetic dream. In the dream, I was running alone in a very dark night. I understood in my spirit that this was the Isaiah 60:2 deep darkness. I found it very difficult in my run and I was about to quit.

Suddenly, a faceless Man (i.e. the Holy Spirt) came beside me and put His hand around my shoulder. He spoke clearly to me, “Do not be afraid! I AM here to help you!”

Immediately, peace, joy and strength filled my inner man. More than just being able to continue my run, I ran faster, with fire and light radiating from within!

When I woke up from the dream, I was shaking because the presence of the Spirit was so real and obvious. Instantly I understood that this dream was about walking with and being led by the Person of the Holy Spirit!

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Preparation for the Times (Intro) | Online Equipping | New Launch

PFTT | Online Equip (website)

In light of the words that God has spoken about this decade of Preparation for the Times, we have put together this online equipping course to start believers on their journey of preparation to become the Daniel 11:32–33 people.

Using Daniel 11:32–33 as a template, this course brings together foundational messages that will equip believers to:
1. Know God
2. Be Strong
3. Carry out Great Exploits
4. Be a People of Understanding

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